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What is Fit for Business?

Fit for Business (FFB) is a globally recognized Salesforce award-winning (opens in new window)  transition program designed exclusively for first-year Ted Rogers School of Management students. This program empowers students with a community and a path to achieve academic, career and personal success. Enabling engagement outside the classroom creates more collaborative, resilient and innovative students that are better equipped for the business world.

Transforming the first-year experience, students transition into Ted Rogers School with a higher sense of community, knowledge and confidence to access and participate in the right services, resources and events for success.

Learn more about how Fit for Business works to help first-year students get connected, stay informed and become engaged.

🌎 Get Connected

Building a community is highly important for first-year students who are just starting their university experience, not just with the school and the supports but also with one another.                                               

TedPacks 

Students have the opportunity to connect with a network of peers, build a strong community, and gain student leadership experience as a TedPack Leader or TedPack Mentor in our TedPacks.

My Story in 30 

My Story in 30 is a podcast series hosted by the Fit for Business team where we interview upper-year Ted Rogers School students about their real and unfiltered university experiences in 30-minutes episodes. 


📢 Stay Informed 

To enhance the student experience, we worked collaboratively with four other units to successfully build a streamlined communication approach.                                               

FFB Newsletter

As the first year is an important transitional phase, we provide a streamlined communication channel with one weekly FFB email to keep students informed.

Social Media

Follow Fit for Business on Instagram (external link, opens in new window) , Facebook (external link, opens in new window)  and LinkedIn (external link, opens in new window)  to stay connected! 



👥 Become Engaged

We approach student engagement beyond the classroom through facilitating many online and in-person events, maximizing the student experience and building community within the Ted Rogers School of Management.

Events 

Check out how we engage students beyond the classroom through our events and opportunities.                                                                                         

FFB 360 

Take a glimpse into the diverse opportunities at the Ted Rogers School with FFB 360, where we provide you with insights into what our first-year students experienced over the academic years.


 (external link) 

With our three pillars of get connected, stay informed, and become engaged, we enable student success through targeted initiatives and campaigns including proactive student outreach by leveraging Salesforce, Marketing Cloud and Tableau.

This enables the FFB team to make informed data-driven decisions as we track engagement to provide a more personalized student experience.

Check out our Impact Report to learn more.

Meet Finn 👋 a digital assistant with Fit for Business. Finn is here to help students navigate and connect with the multiple supports on campus. We know that transitioning to university can feel overwhelming, that's why Finn is here to help!

If Finn doesn’t have the answer you were looking for, you can connect with a live agent during the hours of Monday - Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Chat with Finn by clicking the chat button at the bottom right corner of the screen.                                                                                                    



We asked first-year students at the Ted Rogers School to share what their first year of university was like for the 2022-2023 academic year. Through the Fit for Business program, take a glimpse into the diverse opportunities students engaged in beyond the classroom and the positive impact it has had on their university transition.


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