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My Story in 30

University can feel overwhelming, but there are students who’ve been there before you and want you to know what they wish they had known in their first year. Listen to the My Story in 30 podcast series as the Fit for Business team interviews upper-year Ted Rogers School students about their real and unfiltered experiences. Learn how you too, can navigate challenges to find success on your university journey within 30-minute episodes. 

This is the My Story in 30 Podcast with stories for you, by students like you. 

Visit the dropdown categories below to find an episode that you want to listen to. From struggling with university, not doing as well in academics, to just wanting to be the best version of yourself, there’s something for everyone.

What do you do when you start burning out? It’s important to talk about your well-being when faced with such issues and potentially dealing with failures. We talk to Paolo Hermogenes about dealing with burning out, taking care of your mental health, developing a productive schedule to help with academics and tips on applying to the Ted Rogers Co-op program.

Hospitality and Tourism co-op student Laiqa Lalani encountered many unforeseen circumstances while on a mission to achieve her wildest dreams. While being extremely involved in student groups, Laiqa works multiple part-time jobs and is pursuing her fitness goals, and strives to excel in school all at the same time! Tune in to hear about how Laiqa has navigated through some of her most challenging moments in university as she shares her experiences using the Program Advising and Student Success, Business Career Hub, and professors for success.

Business Technology Management student Jordan Rose explains how getting a failing grade inspired him to get involved and get out of his comfort zone. With support from the Business Career Hub and DECA Ryerson, Jordan will share how this support system helped him overcome feelings of discouragement after getting an F.

Business Technology Management student Hiranniya Yogaratnarajah (Niya) shares her roller-coaster of a journey over the last 4 years. From failing critical courses and being on the verge of academic probation, Niya went from a 1.67 GPA to Dean's list within a year.

Law and Business Student Rishi Darubra shares his experience about being on academic probation. By changing his mindset and taking the right steps forward with the help of the Program Advising and Student Success, Rishi continued to succeed academically and personally throughout his university journey.

In this special 5-minute episode of My Story in 30, Matthew Breda and Alisha Jagnarine talk about the roller coaster of emotions they felt when they found out they were on probation. They share tips from their own experiences of how Student Advising, Program Advising and Student Success, Business Career Hub supports and professors helped them stay calm through what can feel like the storm and get out on top.

Kelly (Nino) Tadumadze, an Accounting student at Ryerson University, shares her experience of "striving to learn in times of struggle."  While Kelly loved going to school when she was little, she opens up about how her relationship with academia changed when arriving in Canada. Despite the many challenges, Kelly continues to be a lifelong learner, having studied Anthropology before shifting into business to pursue her CPA. Her shift to business has afforded her valuable lessons such as the importance of networking and getting involved with student groups.

Husnaa Zamarai, external link, a fourth-year Marketing Management co-op student, shares her experience applying for and receiving monetary scholarships funding her undergraduate degree. In her first year of university, Husnaa juggled her full-time studies, part-time job, and involvement with student groups while becoming the primary caregiver for her younger siblings. As it became a stressful time in her life, she persevered through the pressure and excelled in her classes - securing several scholarships. She got involved with Fit for Business at its inception, being one of the key figures that helped FFB grow to what it is today. Husnaa now serves as the Business Management Director at the Ted Rogers Students’ Society, a position she was voted in by TRSM students earlier this year, as well as is working in her second co-op work term with RBC.

 , external link

“I don’t know what I want to do for my career path.” We’ve all had thoughts like this before, you’re not alone. Hear Aymen Saqib's story about how she went from being anxious and unmotivated to finding her passion in marketing. Learn her tricks on gaining experience at TRSM and how to foster good relationships with professors.

Economics and Management Science co-op student Grejdi Meta shares how he showcased specific technical skills to land a role with OTPP. During his time there, Grejdi had heard about an exciting new project that involved Power BI, knowing that the Bootcamps team offered it, he jumped on the opportunity to hone his skills. Tune in to hear Grejdi's secret on how he landed his job, and how he got promoted!

Entrepreneurship co-op student, Hadeer Abelhamid shares with us how she tackled being a new immigrant in Canada and a transfer student.

Hadeer opens up about feeling behind her peers knowing she would graduate 3 years later than anticipated. Tune in to hear how Hadeer found out that she was on the right path for herself, and how she became a student group president.


Economics and Management Science co-op student Kabeena Kodeeswaran shares with us how she went from 100+ applications for her first co-op term with no responses, to landing a co-op job at Fidelity.

Basel Zakaria, a TRSM Entrepreneurship Alumni, shares his journey from adapting to life in Canada to his experience in the DMZ. By going to TRSM's Business Career Hub and taking advantage of the services provided at Ryerson, Basel talks about how important it is to build connections, gain bootcamp badges, read, and follow your passion.

Shanaya Kalia, external link, a fourth-year Law and Business student, shares her experience of coming into the Ted Rogers School of Management as a transfer student from another university, and getting involved immediately. Shanaya became involved with FFB as a TedPack Mentor, becoming a great leader among her peers and around the Ted Rogers School. She speaks about her journey with finding a job in the public sector as well as the private sector, and she talks about the noticeable differences between the two. Shanaya also got involved with Ryerson Women in Leadership (RWIL) with hopes of breaking barriers and raising awareness to the struggles that women face in the professional industry, and helping people achieve their true potential.

Please note: This episode was recorded prior to Ryerson University's official name change to Toronto Metropolitan University.

It can be difficult balancing family problems alongside the school workload. We chat with Tamara Paiva about how she went from being afraid to ask for support to being comfortable enough to use services and resources at Ryerson.

Co-op student, Sue Ronald shares the struggles she's gone through as she opens up about losing motivation and how she leaned on a professor through tough times. 

Feeling like she had to go beyond to prove herself because of her disability, Sue talks about what it was really like. Tune in to hear Sue's story about who and what helped her become more resilient and confident on her journey.

5th-year Law and Business co-op student Bisi shares her experience on how she felt about "being yourself vs. fitting in". Bisi opens up about the challenges of joining a new school where you don't know anyone and how she made meaningful relationships - friends that accept you for you. Bisi's story explores how she also tried new things, leaned on others and realized the importance of being your authentic self even when surrounded by the pressures of fitting in.

Brianna DeGasperis, 2nd-year Law and Business student often-times found herself asking the question, "am I doing enough?". While juggling a part-time job, taking care of siblings, and getting news that her mom was ill, Brianna still managed to make time to mentor others, take on the Director of Corporate Relations role with the Law & Business Student Association (LBSA), a full-course load, and volunteer within her community. Tune in to hear Brianna's story and what she did to manage her time, while facing adversity and realizing it was enough.

Maya Maamary, a 3rd-year Finance Co-op student shares her journey of what it was like living alone in her first year and what she wishes someone else would have told her, looking back. Moving here from Abu Dhabi, Maya tells us what it was like to get used to a new country, make friends, manage the course load and get involved while living alone. Currently, Maya is a Top 200 student and a Senior Advisor for the Ryerson Economics Management Association (REMA).

Brad Wells, a fifth-year marketing student shares his experience as President of the Ted Rogers Students' Society, and the decisions throughout his university life that led him to where he is now. From being a shy first-year student to becoming the president of one of the largest student societies at Toronto Metropolitan University, Brad Wells talks about the things that he did that allowed him to develop relationships around the university which gave him the confidence to run for President of TRSS.

Arezoo Rafkhani, a second-year Global Management student, shares her experience of "Finding the Right Fit." While Arezoo originally started her post-secondary life at another university, she transferred to Ted Rogers School of Management in her second year, ultimately enrolling in the Global Management Studies major. Arezoo got involved with Fit for Business as soon as she arrived at TRSM, and she shares her experiences as a TedPack Leader and TedPack Mentor. Arezoo prioritizes her mental health while balancing school with her busy life. She shares her experiences with adjusting to a new school environment, building connections with her peers, dealing with hardships with her schooling and balancing her student role with academics.

**Since the recording of this episode, Arezoo is now serving as the President of Toronto Met Accounting (TMA).**
Please note: This episode was recorded prior to Ryerson University's official name change to Toronto Metropolitan University.

Asad Salman, external link, a second-year international student, majoring in Economics and Management Science, shares his experience of coming to Canada, transferring universities, finding academic success and fitting in as an international student. Asad came to Toronto from Dubai and started his post-secondary life at another university before transferring to the Ted Rogers School of Management after his first-year. Asad got involved with Fit for Business as soon as he arrived at TRSM, and he shares his experiences as a TedPack Leader and his roles in other student groups around TRSM. Asad opens up about his struggle adjusting to life in Toronto all by himself, the pressure of following in his older brother's footsteps, and his eventual acceptance into the Business Management Program at the Ted Rogers School.

Aazema Chaudhry, external link, a fifth-year Economics and Management Science student, shares her experience of getting her university offer rescinded, and persevering through challenges to eventually being able to come to the Ted Rogers School. Aazema originally planned to attend a different university before being swayed by the Ted Rogers Co-op program at the Ted Rogers School of Management. Aazema got involved around the school as soon as she arrived at TRSM by becoming a key member of several student groups such as Women in Information Technology Management (WITM), Muslim Students' Association (TMU MSA formerly RMSA), Data and Science Students Association (RDSA), as well as becoming a TedPack Mentor with FFB. Aazema opens up about her struggles balancing school work, extracurricular commitments, and what helped her overcome her fears and barriers.

Mariia Andreiko, external link, a now-finance graduate from Toronto Metropolitan University, shares her experience of coming to Canada from Ukraine as an international student, breaking out of her shell and making connections, and getting involved with student groups around the Ted Rogers School and the rest of the University. Mariia came to Toronto before her first-year at TorontoMet without knowing anybody or having any roots in the city. Mariia used her new surroundings as an opportunity to make connections with people on campus, receiving mentoring from numerous resources, speaking to alumni, and getting involved with student groups around the university. Mariia served as a TedPack Mentor for a number of years, helping guide first-year Ted Rogers School students, and developing deep connections within the Ted Rogers School community. Mariia credits the connections and network that she developed over her undergraduate studies as one of the key reasons she was able to land internships as well as a full-time job post-graduation. 

After her graduation this year, Mariia now serves as the Program Coordinator for Bootcamps for the Business Career Hub at the Ted Rogers School of Management. 

Please note: This episode was recorded prior to Ryerson University's official name change to Toronto Metropolitan University.

 , external link

Nikesha Sampson, external link, a third-year Global Management Studies student, shares her experience of coming into the Ted Rogers School of Management, having never previously taken a business course before, and making the decision to ditch her original plan of being a Computer Science major. Nikesha knew from a very early age that she wanted to own and operate her own fashion business, and her passion for fashion, and interest in the logistics behind running a business prompted her to choose the Ted Rogers School. Nikesha got involved with Fit for Business as a TedPack Leader in her first year, and she heavily credits her TedPack Mentors as well as the mentorship that she received at the Ted Rogers School through other resources like the Tri-Mentoring Program, as a decisive factor in what keeps her moving towards her goals. Nikesha hopes to one day operate a fashion business, and with the drive and ambition that she has, there's no doubt that she will get to her end goal.

Please note: This episode was recorded prior to Ryerson University's official name change to Toronto Metropolitan University.

Kimbelee Kohilal, external link, a second-year Global Management Studies and Politics Minor student, shares her experience of coming into the Ted Rogers School of Management and immediately getting involved with Fit for Business. Kimberlee started off as a TedPack Leader in her first year, and then took on the role of TedPack Mentor in her second year, becoming a great leader among her peers and around the Ted Rogers School. She speaks about her journey with adopting a growth mindset, and how that really shaped her understanding of the potential that she had to grow. 

Please note: This episode was recorded prior to Ryerson University's official name change to Toronto Metropolitan University.