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TedPack Mentor Chats

TedPack Mentors are upper-year Ted Rogers School students that provide mentorship and guidance to TedPack members so they can better succeed in their first year. Why not leverage the knowledge of senior students who've been in your shoes?

For students in their first year, you can access intro videos of your TedPack Leader(s) and TedPack Mentor(s), external link, opens in new window

Want to chat 1-on-1 with a TedPack Mentor?

As a first-year student, you have TedPack Mentors in your Google Room chat for your TedPack, but did you know you could also schedule a 1-on-1 with them? We're highlighting some of the most involved TedPack Mentors on our website who have taken advantage of multiple services and opportunities on campus. Whether it's questions about the student experience or navigating university to find the right supports needed, our TedPack Mentors have got your back. Schedule a chat below.

Chat with an Upper-year Student

Jessica Vasantharajan

Program: Accounting and Finance

Major & Minor: Accounting Major

Year: 2

"I'm a 2nd year Accounting and Finance student and an Alumni Relations Associate for Toronto Met Accounting. In my free time, I love catching up with friends but also who doesn't love binging their favorite show for hours on end? I'd be happy to chat with anyone looking for some advice on TRSM supports, extracurriculars or academics. Feel free to book a one-on-one with me and I hope you all have a wonderful first year!"

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Asad Salman

Program: Business Management (Transfer & International Student)

Major & Minor: Economics & Management Science Major

Year: 2

"Hellooo everyone! My name is Asad, and I'm in my 2nd year of the Business Management program majoring in Economics and Management Sciences. I'm an international student that studied Life Sciences for a year before realizing I wanted to transfer out, but I never thought I would end up studying business since I didn't take any related courses during high school.

In my free time, I like to listen to music, attempt to cook something edible, and watch more TV than I probably should! Looking forward to getting to meet you all :)

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Baxter Thomas

Program: Hospitality & Tourism Management

Year: 2

"Hello! My name is Baxter and I am a second year student majoring in Hospitality and Tourism management. I am also a Tedpack Mentor with Fit for Business. I found a perfect fit with my program as I have been working in the hospitality industry since 2018 and I’ve enjoyed the experience. I also like being outdoors, cooking, driving, hanging out with friends, and trying new things. If I can make it through my first year, you can too. Stay focused, take care of yourself, and make sure you engage and participate in all that TMU has to offer. I’m here to help you transition into your first year at Toronto Met and be as successful as possible. Any questions you have regarding student life, resources, or university questions in general I am here to help!   I really look forward to meeting you :) "

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Cody Anthony

Program: Business Management

Major & Minor: Marketing Major, Politics Minor

Year: 3

Aaniin! My name is Cody, I'm a 3rd-year Business Management student, studying Marketing and minoring in Politics. I am Indigenous (Dene), and a Mature transfer student! My journey through education has been wild (including feeling like a first-year student three times?). I'm now the Founder and Senior Council Lead for a new student group, Ted Rogers Indigenous in Business! I have a very "excited" personality, meaning I have so many interests! Ask me about anything! I can't wait to chat :-)

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Husnaa Zamarai

Program: Business Management Co-op

Major & Minor: Marketing Management Major, Finance Minor

Year: 3

"Hi! My name is Husnaa Zamarai and I'm currently in my 3rd year of the Business Management program, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Finance. In my first year of university, I was mainly focused on my academics and didn't really get involved in any extra-curriculars or access the many supports and services available to us at TRSM. That completely changed in my 2nd year when I realized that being involved in the school community can in fact enhance your academic ability! Now I serve as Special Projects Manager for the Ted Rogers Students' Society, VP of Marketing for the Toronto Metropolitan University Muslim Students Association, TedPack Mentor with Fit for Business as well as being a part of Ted Rogers Co-op and the Top 200 Program! I would be more than happy to discuss any of these experiences with you and share tips on how I got more involved. I'm also down to chat about anime, soccer or cool new places to eat in Toronto!"

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Ricky Situ

Program: Business Management

Major & Minor: Economics & Management Science Major, Finance Minor

Year: 2

"Hey, My name is Ricky, I'm a second-year Economics and Management Sciences student in the Business Management program. I also plan on minoring in finance and plan on pursuing a career in the field. I'm here to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Whether it be about courses, student life, or extracurriculars. My goal is to help you through this transition period as smoothly as possible. Some of my hobbies include photography and watching Netflix shows. Feel free to book an appointment anytime!"

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Bavisha Thavarajah

Program: Business Management

Major & Minor: Human Resources Management Major

Year: 2

"Hi everyone, My name is Bavisha, I go by Bav. From being an anxious first year to now being a part of two student groups, being a TedPack Mentor, and an Academic Peer Helper with the Program Advising and Student Success I have definitely started feeling like I belong at TRSM. I have been making use of a variety of TRSM resources that I would love to share with you all. I am down to talk to you about anything, answering your questions surrounding student life, and just chatting with you surrounding being scared for uni. Don't be afraid to reach out! Looking forward to meeting you <3"

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Nikesha Sampson

Program: Business Management

Major & Minor: Global Management Studies Major

Year: 2

"Hi, my name is Nikesha but feel free to call me Nikki. I am a fashionista and novice social media influencer who never expected to be going to a business school, but here I am enjoying it. Through utilizing the various opportunities at the school, I was able to also boost my career and academics as I hold roles at various organizations such as Fit for Business and TMU’s Black Business Student Association all while achieving decent grades! If you have any questions about my experience or TRSM in general, I would be happy to answer them!"

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Meena Lal

Program: Business Management Co-op

Major & Minor: Economics and Management Science Major

Year: 3

"Hey future students, I'm Meena. I've been a mentor with Fit for Business for just over a year now. As a mentor, I offer my support and wisdom to students like you in hopes that I'll make a difference in your lives. Whether you're on the fence about applying to TRSM or need help navigating the university application process (It's okay, OUAC confused me too) I've got you covered. TRSM offers a wealth of resources to help you succeed and what better way to learn about these services than from a current student? If you have any questions or concerns, go ahead and book an appointment with me or any of my co-mentors. I hope to hear from you soon. :)"

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Sue Ronald

Program: Business Management Co-op

Major & Minor: Human Resources Management Major

Year: 4

"Hi! My name is Sue Ronald. I am a fourth-year Human Resources Co-op student concentrating in Organizational Behaviour. I have had diverse experiences during my time at the university and want to share those experiences to help you! I have been supporting prospective students and first-year students since 2018 as a peer mentor and through my role in student recruitment. Speaking to students just like you! I have helped hundreds of prospective students by answering questions about the application process or by listening to their general concerns. What are you waiting for? Let's connect!"

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Moulik Chadha

Program: Business Technology Management Co-op (International Student)

Year: 2

"Hi everyone, I am an international student who did my first year online in a different time zone. I was in the same shoes as you last year and I did my best to stay involved and be in line with my academic goals by making the best use of the resources that TRSM offers. However, I faced some challenges and always wanted to get an upper-year student's perspective on which resource to use. So, don't be shy and book a 1-1 chat with me to ask about anything. I can help you with networking, time management, student group involvement, etc. Trust me it will be worth your time!"

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