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Progress Indicators

The University Planning Office (UPO) manages the development and implementation of activities related to the university's academic plan, enrolment planning, and academic budget planning. The UPO also undertakes policy research, data analysis and institutional research project oversight for the university.

As part of the university’s accountability initiatives, the UPO has developed a series of performance indicators for the university and progress indicators for individual programs and academic units. This office also conducts surveys to learn about the student and graduate experience as it relates to Toronto Metropolitan University's programs and services. The UPO liaises with the Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic, government officials, and other universities and organizations on a variety of issues including data reporting.

UPO Reports

The following UPO reports support the strategic and academic planning of the university in addition to promoting greater transparency:

Board Performance Indicators

Board Performance Indicators have been developed to provide a set of annually updated measures of university performance over a wide range of issues of interest to the Board of Governors. They are presented in a graphical manner to facilitate interpretation of the indicators. These indicators enable the Board of Governors to track progress over time on issues central to the mission of the university. Where possible, the indicators provide comparisons against other universities. The indicators are tracked at the level of the university.

Senate Progress Indicators and Related Statistics

Senate Progress Indicators and Related Statistics are intended to inform the academic planning processes at the university, Faculty and departmental levels, and to enhance public accountability. These indicators are intended to provide a focused information base to support planning processes, improve the University's ability to follow and project trends related to several critical goals and objectives, and enable the evaluation of progress. They also permit the University to refocus current information gathering efforts to better satisfy internal information needs and provide a statistical profile of the university that will inform a broad audience about both who we are and where we are in our academic evolution.

Statistical information on enrolment and faculty counts can also be accessed on the UPO website.