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Indigenous Academic Curriculum and Research

The Ted Rogers School of Management has adopted a holistic approach aimed at making the space, curriculum and community more inclusive for Indigenous students. Indigenous resurgence initiatives at the Ted Rogers School are co-defined with the Indigenous community and grounded in principles of reciprocity, relational accountability and co-learning. We see these principles as foundational to establishing true trans-cultural collaborations and in fostering a more respectful, cohesive and harmonious socio-economic environment.

Often this work tends to focus only on barriers and enablers, but in doing so we neglect the more complex supply-side issues that make these spaces seem foreign to many Indigenous students. We understand that removing the barriers to post-secondary education is only part of it. It is only in learning to listen to and respect each other’s stories and ways of knowing that we can create a space for everyone to co-exist while maintaining the integrity of our identities and voices.

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Our curriculum development initiatives at the Ted Rogers School stem from a larger organization-wide initiative to help eliminate educational gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians by infusing Indigenous knowledges into the curriculum in all faculties at Toronto Metropolitan University. We are proud to offer over a dozen courses that feature Indigenous content within the Retail Management, Law & Business, Hospitality & Tourism and Entrepreneurship & Strategy curriculum. Our goal is to introduce students to unique and under-acknowledged approaches to business, while also creating a more inclusive space where Indigenous students feel valued as members of the Canadian business community.

Courses featuring Indigenous content

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The Ted Rogers School is engaged in several research partnerships with Indigenous businesses and communities. Through these partnerships, we are helping to create the conditions for economic transformation that will lead to a prosperous workforce and economic wellbeing.


Michael Mihalicz, Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship & Strategy; Indigenous Advisor, Office of the Dean, TRSM