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About PASS

The Program Advising and Student Success (PASS) team support students as they arrive, survive and thrive. It is your first stop for any questions or concerns about your undergraduate journey. When it comes to the student experience at TRSM, we are here to help you with any of the following: 

  • Academic Advising to answer your questions related to your program, major and minor
  • Navigating the ‘hidden curriculum’ of university life, including policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Developing habits and skills to improve your academic experience and meet your goals
  • Enhancing your undergraduate experience through connections and referrals  to campus and community partners
  • Understanding university-level writing requirements and resources to improve your writing skills 
  • Tutoring and supplemental instruction for high-stakes courses 

Don’t know where to go? Come to PASS, and we’ll support you in navigating the university and campus community!