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Books in review

December 13, 2021

Every year, alumni and faculty publish wonderful books that we try to high light in the J-School Now newsletter. We took a look back at the books we featured in 2021.

Alumna Nekesa Afia publishes first book in her historical mystery series. Set in 1920s Harlem, Dead Dead Girls follows protagonist Louise Lloyd as she tries to solve a case involving young Black girls showing up dead around the city. A second novel in the series will be published next year. 

Award-winning journalist and author Karma Brown set out to change her habit of hating early mornings. In her book, “The 4% Fix,” she shares how waking up at 5 a.m., and committing to the first 4 per cent of her day changed her way of living. 

Alum and author Ethan Lou's new book Once a Bitcoin Miner provides a look into the world of cryptocurrency and also follows Lou’s journey, from discovering Bitcoin to attending a cryptocurrency conference in North Korea, told through a first-person narrative.

Alumna Dana Goldstein's memoir details what to expect if you are a person who will go, is going, or has gone, through menopause. It is an in-depth look at how one's body changes through the process, and Goldstein is not afraid to share the nitty-gritty details. 

Cover of the Rise of Real Life Superheros and the Fall of Everything Else by Peter Nowak

Peter Nowak, '97, wrote a book about "real-life superheroes." It features people around the world who take on masked personae to fight crime and help the helpless. 

Alumna Lauren McKeon's new book details the countless challenges and experiences women faced during the pandemic, often as part of multiple frontlines at once.

Mix tape with the the recording tape forming a heart above it.

Alum and author Anita Lahey celebrates the importance and power of friendship in her memoir about her childhood friend, attending university together and her friend's death from cancer at age 22. 

Black and white photo of Billy Van making a funny face

In his new book, alum and author Greg Oliver shows the many fascinating sides of the late actor Billy Van. 

Cover for 360 Essentials with a circular photo of Toronto. , external link

Prof. Adrian Ma, staff member Gary Gould and alum Joshua Cameron published 360 Essentials: A Beginner’s Guide to Immersive Video Storytelling. It is now available for free at PressBooks and to download as a PDF. 

Cover for Christian Allaire's The Power of Style. A woman wearing traditional dress has her arms behind her head and is looking into the distance.

In his first book, alum Christian Allaire explores how style is more than the clothing we wear—it represents self-expression, representation, and transformation. 

The cover of Peter Mansbridge and Mark Bulgutch's book: "Extraordinary Canadians." The title is in red with a swirl of maple leaves below it.

Contract Lecturer Mark Bulgutch co-wrote the book telling the stories of inspiring Canadians with Peter Mansbridge. 

Cover of That's Why I'm A Doctor by Mark Bulgutch. A blurred image of a doctor in blue scrubs running down a hallway.

In "That’s Why I’m a Doctor: Physicians Recount Their Most Memorable Moments" Mark Bulgutch spoke to doctors about how their experiences affirmed their choice of career. 

Bonus Book Talks

Alumni relations has hosted several book talks with J-School alumni during 2021. If you couldn't attend the talks, recordings are available to view. 

Book Talk: Moon of the Crusted Snow with Waubgeshig Rice
Book Talk: Moon of the Crusted Snow with Waubgeshig Rice