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Rebel With a Cause Award

About the award

This award will recognize a journalism student who is embarking on a semester of study overseas as part of Toronto Met’s exchange program. Eligible students must submit an essay describing their passion for offbeat, irreverent and eclectic approaches to journalism. Instead of a tradition essay, students may submit a 3-5 minute video or photographic essay.

This scholarship courtesy of Kevin MacLean and May Chang is dedicated to the memory of Kevin’s brother, O’Tucky MacLean. A maverick artist, journalist, scriptwriter, photographer, painter and entrepreneur, O’Tucky was forever rebelling against social conventions and conventional wisdom. He believed in speaking truth to power and poking fun at himself – and at those who took themselves too seriously. For many years in Canada, England and Hollywood, O’Tucky was a scenic painter for TV and movies – performing magic with paints and glazes on sets ranging from Monthy Python to Road to Avonlea and Hollywood blockbusters like Chicago and Cinderella Man. After Tuck’s sudden death in October 2015 at age 66, his family established this award to help students handle the financial burden of venturing off on an overseas academic exchange.

Past Winners

2022 Mariana Andrade Schuetze
2019 Sydney Bartos
2018 Martha Currie
2017 Victoria McMurchy
2016 Janine Tascioglu