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Theft from Vehicles

Reducing the chance of theft from your vehicle starts with a few simple precautions.

Theft from vehicles is a problem in major cities across North America. By taking some simple precautions, you can reduce the risk of having your belongings stolen while your vehicle is unattended. By removing the opportunity for thieves to access the inside of your vehicle and the valuable objects within it, you can greatly reduce these crimes from occurring.

Conceal your belongings

  • Thieves will often target vehicles with openly-displayed belongings. Remove unnecessary belongings and keep valuables at home unless you absolutely need them. If you must store valuables in your vehicle, keep them hidden.
  • Be mindful of different things that might indicate the presence of valuable items in your vehicle. Hide cords and accessories for your electronics, and wipe any suction cup marks left on your window from different devices.
  • Don’t forget about coins in plain view! They could be seen as valuable to someone.
  • The holiday season can be a particularly vulnerable time. Conceal wrapped or bagged presents in the trunk or remove them from the vehicle altogether.
  • Don’t leave personal documents such as your driver’s licence or registration in your vehicle. These items contain your home address.

Choose a good location

  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit, highly-visible area and whenever possible use a location that is staffed by an attendant at all times.
  • When on campus, take advantage of TMU’s WalkSafe program, available 24/7 with a quick call to 416-979-5040 or email to This free service will pair you with a uniformed security staff member to escort you to various locations within the WalkSafe boundaries. Simply call or email when you are ready; WalkSafe requests are a priority dispatch for Security and Emergency Services.

Ensure your vehicle is locked properly

  • Ensure all doors are locked and closed securely, even if you expect to only be gone a short while.
  • Ensure all windows are rolled up, including your sunroof.
  • Consider installing anti-theft deterrents like steering wheel locks or alarms. If you have an alarm, make sure it is activated.

What to do if you witness a theft or are a victim of theft

If you witness a theft or are a victim of theft on campus, be sure to report it to TMU Security and Emergency Services at 416-979-5040, or extension 5040 from any internal campus telephone.

Complete an online Toronto Police report (external link)  that will ask questions related to your case.