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Security Incidents

Person speaking with two members of the security team who take notes.

Security incidents are posted weekly on our website. Incidents that may impact the immediate safety of our community members are  communicated through TMU Safe.

An informed community is a safer community 

Security incidents are one avenue that we use to inform the community about safety and security incidents that are of particular concern.

By sharing security incidents, community members can stay informed and take the appropriate precautions to help protect themselves and their property. Moreover, this kind of information helps promote a shared responsibility for safety.

If something has happened to you, we encourage you to report it

If something has happened to you that is of concern, we encourage you to report it to us, regardless of severity of the incident or when it occurred.

Please contact a member of our team to report an incident:

External phones: 416-979-5040
Internal phones: 555040
Location: Victoria Building (VIC), 285 Victoria Street, 1st floor

Types of security incidents we share with the community

Not all reported incidents are shared with the community. The types of security incidents we share include those that are reported to us and meet the following criteria:

  • assaults, including sexual assault;
  • robbery;
  • indecent acts, mischief and voyeurism;
  • uttering of threats and criminal harassment;
  • notices of violent crimes from within our service area boundaries:
    • North: Carlton/College Street
    • South: Dundas Street
    • East: Jarvis Street
    • West: Yonge Street 

Occasionally, we may also share security incidents to update the community on arrests and case closures, or pertaining to incidents that occur near or adjacent to TMU.

What we don’t share with the community

Although certain incidents occur more frequently in a downtown environment (e.g. public intoxication, disorderly conduct, etc.), they do not meet the criteria to be included in security incidents and are therefore excluded. Additionally, we do not share incidents where individuals are known to one another, or issues like domestic violence disputes in order to protect the privacy of those involved.

Learn more about the terminology we use in security incidents.


If you have any questions or concerns about security incidents, please contact us at 416-979-5040 or at