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General Theft Prevention

Theft prevention is a priority for everybody.

The most commonly-reported thefts involve unattended items. Removing the opportunity for thieves to take your belongings can greatly reduce these crimes from occurring.

Keep your stuff safe


  • Do keep your belongings in sight and within arm’s reach when in public.
  • Do ask someone you know and trust to watch over your belongings if necessary, but it’s best to bring things with you.
  • Do pack as lightly as possible and keep valuables at home unless you absolutely need them. Thieves are more likely to target people whose valuables are out in the open. If you must carry valuables, keep them hidden as much as possible when in public.
  • Do pay attention to your surroundings when accessing and using valuables such as cash or electronic devices. If possible, find a safe area to access your valuables.


  • Don’t ever leave belongings unattended. It takes just a second for someone to grab something!
  • Don’t fall asleep in public areas.
  • Don’t set your items down while photocopying, printing, using the washroom, etc. as you may forget them.

Protect your electronic devices


  • Do password-protect all your electronic devices and consider encrypting the data. If your device is stolen and does not have a password, your personal information will be vulnerable.
  • Do keep a record of the serial numbers of your devices. This may help to recover the device in the event of a theft.
  • Do note any scratches, dents or damage on your device that could help identify it.
  • Do consider installing tracking and data recovery/erase software.
  • Do backup data regularly so you don’t lose all your files.


  • Don’t get distracted with your cellphone or other electronic devices when in public. This may leave you vulnerable to a snatch and grab. Pay attention to your surroundings and remain alert.
  • Don’t lend your cell phone, tablet or laptop computer to strangers.