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Working or Studying on Campus Before or After Hours

From time to time, you may find yourself working or studying alone on campus before or after regular building hours.

Make personal safety a priority

Follow these Personal Safety and Robbery Prevention tips that may empower you to take action.

Utilize the WalkSafe Program

When commuting, consider utilizing the WalkSafe Program, a free service providing community members an escort to various campus locations including the Dundas subway or parking lots, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Accessing campus buildings before or after hours

Each building on campus has unique hours of operation. During hours of operation, some buildings are open to all community members regardless of their affiliation. Outside of building hours, access is only for community members associated with the offices, departments or faculties in the buildings by using a pre-authorized OneCard.

For hours of operation for campus buildings, visit the campus map.

OneCards must be authorized to access buildings after hours

If you need to access these buildings after hours, you must have your OneCard and photo ID (or any document that identifies you as an enrolled TMU student) with you and show it to security personnel upon request. If you do not have your OneCard and photo ID, you may be asked to leave.

If you need your OneCard programmed, please contact your office, department or faculty.