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Personal Safety and Robbery Prevention

Personal safety and robbery reduction is a priority for everybody.

Incidents of assault and robbery are rare on campus, but they do occur. By being informed about your personal safety and taking a few simple precautions, you can greatly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime. We hope these safety tips empower you to take action.

Plan ahead

Unfamiliar with the area? Check directions and plan your route before setting out so you can move purposefully towards your destination.

When traveling alone, tell someone where you are going and when you are expected. Arrange to check in so they know when you have arrived.

When possible, walk with a companion or take advantage of our WalkSafe Program. While on campus, this free service will pair you with a uniformed security staff member to escort you to various locations within the WalkSafe boundaries, including the subway and several nearby parking lots. Simply call when you are ready, WalkSafe requests are a priority dispatch for Security and Emergency Services.

Stay in the centre of walkways and avoid shortcutting through less-frequented spaces like alleyways. Be vigilant when approaching doorways or shrubs where you can’t see what is around the corner.

The bustle and distractions of crowds can conceal those intent on committing a crime, so be vigilant when moving through packed spaces. After dark, you may find safety in numbers by sticking to high-traffic areas.

Protect your stuff

Do not openly display items of significant value such as money, cellphones or other electronics. Consider carrying only what you need to minimize what can be lost. Avoid carrying large sums of cash, and stick to a limited number of PIN-protected credit or debit cards. If you’re carrying valuables, store them in an inside pocket or pouch that is close to your body. Lastly, consider keeping your essentials in separate pockets: your keys, your money, your ID and cellphone, so if something does happen, you don’t lose everything!

When traveling with a bag or purse, choose something that can close securely and can preferably be carried in front of the body. Ensure backpacks are zipped and belongings are secure.

Be alert

Stay alert, look around and walk with purpose towards your destination. Take notice of people loitering or any suspicious activity.

Criminals are likely to see potential victims who are distracted and preoccupied as an opportunity (i.e. someone listening to loud music, or walking and texting). Especially when walking through an unfamiliar or isolated space, decrease distractions. If you must talk on the phone while walking, don’t get lost in conversation. Pay attention!

Even when someone appears to have a legitimate reason for engaging with you (i.e. asking for directions) maintain the personal space around you.

If you are uncomfortable, trust your instincts. If you think you are being followed by someone, move towards safety: cross the street, walk towards an open store or an area with other people.

Report a crime or suspicious activity

On campus, if you do see suspicious activity, be sure to report it to TMU Security and Emergency Services at 416-979-5040 or extension 555040 from any internal campus phone.

Get help

If you are harassed, followed or intimidated, move as quickly as possible to public areas (e.g. a store, subway station, coffee shop or police station) and ask for help. If you can, try to remember distinctive details about the person like their hair, clothing or tattoos.

In an emergency, call 911.

Contact us to develop a situation-specific safety plan

Every situation is different and each may require a unique and personalized approach for the individual seeking support. We encourage you contact us if you are interested in developing a situation-specific safety plan. These sessions will prioritize your personal safety and provide you with scenario-based guidance, tools and resources to make informed decisions.

External phones: 416-979-5040
Internal phones: 555040
Location: Victoria Building (VIC), 285 Victoria Street, 1st floor