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Suspicious Packages

Suspicious packages could be found, delivered or received by mail, courier or delivered in person. They may have indicators and/or marking characteristics that arouse suspicion. 

In some cases, it may be incorrectly addressed or poorly wrapped. It could also be a hoax, constructed to look like a device. Suspicious packages may indeed contain dangerous materials such as an explosive device, a chemical or biological agent or some type of blade that pose a threat.

Upon receipt of a suspicious package, the handler should first look for any indicators which may lead them to believe the package contains a threat.

If you determine a package to be suspicious

  • Do not touch, open, smell, shake or move it. 
  • Do not carry the package to show others or allow others to examine it. 
  • Do not use radios or mobile phones in the vicinity of suspicious packages. 
  • Do immediately call 911. 
  • Do evacuate the area. 

If a suspicious package is found

  • Attempt to establish ownership of the package by asking others in the vicinity if it belongs to them or if they observed who may have placed it there.
  • Check for additional suspicious packages in the area and on routes leading away from the area in which the original package was found. 
  • Evacuate the surrounding area.
  • Follow the directions of emergency services. 

If you come into contact with a leaked product

In addition to the above procedures: 

  • Isolate yourself from others, leave the area and call 911 immediately.
  • If possible, wash the area using soap and water.
  • Follow the directions of emergency services.