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Bomb Threats

Bomb threats can be delivered in a number of ways, including over the phone, through email, in writing, etc. Bomb threats are designed to disrupt the normal flow of business by creating an atmosphere of anxiety or panic. 

While the probability of receiving a warning where an explosive device has been placed is quite low, it is important that all threats be treated seriously. Evacuations and/or detailed searches do not automatically occur for all bomb threats. The decisions on actions that are taken is specific to each threat. 

If you receive a threat by email or mail 

  • call 911 right away
  • do not delete any email messages 
  • limit handling of a threat received by mail

If you receive a phone threat

  • Remain calm and ask the caller the following questions: 
    • What time will the bomb explode? 
    • Where is it? 
    • What does it look like? 
    • Where are you calling from? 
    • Why did you place the bomb? 
    • What is your name? 
  • Write down as much information as possible including: the time, telephone number, exact words used, identifying characteristics of the caller, etc. 
  • Immediately call 911
    • if possible, call 911 from a different phone while you are speaking with the caller, or signal for someone else to call 911
    • if you are unable to reach 911 during the call, call 911 immediately afterwards
  • Follow the instructions given by police and security staff