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Theft from Lockers

Preventing theft from lockers is a priority for everyone.

Theft from lockers is a problem on many campuses across the country. By reducing the opportunity for thieves to access your locker and the value of objects in it, you can help reduce the risk of locker theft.

Keep your stuff locked


  • Don’t give out your locker combination to anyone.
  • Don’t share your locker with others.
  • Don’t store your belongings inside a locker you’re not authorized to use.
  • Don’t forget about your locker! Be sure you check it from time to time. Near the end of the academic year, notices will be put on lockers indicating a specific date when they must be vacated or locks will be cut and contents removed.


  • Do invest in a high-quality lock for your locker.
  • Do keep valuables at home unless you absolutely need them. If you have them with you, don’t store them in your locker where they could be stolen. Instead, opt for an inside pocket on your person.
  • Do pay attention to your surroundings when accessing and using valuables such as cash or electronic devices. If possible, find a safe area to access your valuables.
  • Do register your locker with your respective department.
  • Do double-check your lock is secure before leaving the area.