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How to Apply for Transfer Credits

Before you apply, visit for eligibility requirements, application instructions and deadline dates.

Transfer Credit Applications

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) has two types of transfer credit applications:

  • Method 1 Self-service application on MyServiceHub (
    • Use this method if your previously completed courses are from an accredited Canadian institution or you have completed Advanced secondary courses (e.g. A-Level, AP, IB, CAPE, CEGEP)
    • Please verify if this method is for you through this list of institutions/studies
    • This method is available to all current undergraduate students as well as prospective students who have successfully submitted an application for admission to TMU
  • Method 2 Manual Application Upload (opens in new window) 
    • Use this method if your previously completed courses are from accredited institutions outside of Canada
    • Use this method for some accredited Canadian institutions that are not supported by Method 1
    • This method is available to all current undergraduate students as well as applicants who have accepted an offer of admission to TMU

Applying for transfer credits in advance of deadlines facilitates course planning and prevents you from enrolling in courses that may be eligible for exemption.

Instructions for Using Method 1: Self-service Application on MyServiceHub (

  1. From your MyServiceHub page, select Student Center.

    student center text highlighted in MyServiceHub window
  2. Select My Academics.

    My academics link highlighted in the student center page on MyServiceHub
  3. Click the Evaluate my transfer credits link.

    Evaluate my transfer credits highlighted under my academics section
  1. Click New Submission to start a new application.

    New Submission button highlighted under evaluate my transfer credit page

    If you have previously applied for transfer credits that have not been processed, you have the option to edit your submission. Refer to Editing Transfer Credit Applications below for more details.

  2. Select your undergraduate Program and Plan.

    Program, and Plan drop down options highlighted within the Toronto Metropolitan University Prog Information page

    Only the TMU programs for which you have successfully applied or admitted to will be visible. If you have applied to multiple programs, you may edit your application to view your transfer credit results for other programs. Refer to Editing Transfer Credit Applications instructions below for more details.

    Important: The program selection on the Transfer Credit Application will not impact your TMU admission or confirm acceptance of your Offer of Admission.

    Your official transfer credit results will be validated for your confirmed program, after you accept your Offer of Admission.

    See How to View My Transfer Credit Report for details on how to confirm your official transfer credit results.

  3. Select the previous institution or studies (A-Level, AP, IB, CAPE, CEGEP) in which your courses were taken, then select Next.

    Under My Academics tab, the courses, universities, and colleges drop down is highlighted

    If you have attended more than one institution, you can apply with courses from additional institutions. See Editing Transfer Credit Application below for more details.

    If you do not see your previous institution or studies listed in this step, you must submit your Transfer Credit application via Method 2: Manual Application. Visit for instructions.

  4. Enter course details for each course you are applying for Transfer Credit.

    Course details page under Evaluate my Transfer credit showing various courses with grades
    • One row per course.
    • Use the lookup tool Search icon to find course codes that match your transcript.
    • If you have yet to receive a final grade in the course, select IP (In Progress grade).
    • Click Add Another Class to add more rows if required.
    • All application errors will be highlighted in red and must be corrected before you are able to submit your application

    Click Course Details Help link for additional course details information and instructions.

    If some of your courses are not found using the look-ups during the Application, email with the course codes, titles and name of your previous institution. After receiving confirmation that these courses have been added, you can return to the application to submit your remaining courses.

  5. Click submit to view your Unofficial Transfer Credit Results report.

    Unofficial Transfer Credit Results page showing various courses with grades and their status

    Results are based on previous evaluation results contained within the Transfer Credit Database.

    No Rule applications require faculty assessment and a detailed course outline in order to determine equivalency. Course outlines can be submitted after your application has been processed and posted on your Transfer Credit Report.

    Denied applications mean there is no equivalent transfer credit in your program.

    Accepted, pending validation applications are unofficially equivalent to the transfer credits listed in the Internal Equivalent column.

  1. Return to the start of the online Transfer Credit Application.

    Radio button highlighted for new submission or edit selected options within Evaluate My Transfer Credit page

    To edit a previous application, select the row and click Edit Selected.

    To apply for transfer credits from another institution, click New Submission. Steps will be the same as submitting new Transfer Credit Applications.

  2. Edit application details.

    If your application has yet to be processed by the transfer credit department, you can edit your Program and Plan (step 2 of How To Submit New Method 1 Transfer Credit Application section), as well as add, edit, and remove applications on the Course Details screen (step 4 of How To Submit New Method 1 Transfer Credit Application section).

    After your application has been processed, you will not be able to edit your Program and Plan, edit, or delete applications from the Course Details screen (step 4 of How To Submit New Method 1 Transfer Credit Application section).

    Course details page under Evaluate my Transfer credit showing various courses with grades

    You will be able to submit additional applications by selecting Add Another Class for a new row to the Course Details screen. The new application will be processed and confirmed on your Transfer Credit Report for your confirmed program.

If you previously submitted a course with an In Progress (IP) grade and the application has been processed, you cannot edit the grade using the online application.

Within three weeks of TMU receiving a transcript confirming your final grade, your applications will be updated and final results made available on your Transfer Credit Report.

Email if the course does not appear within three weeks of your final grades being received by TMU.