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Hitesh Doshi

Hitesh Doshi
Associate Chair, Undergraduate Student Affairs
BTech, MASc, PEng
416 979 5000 ext. 556502

Areas of Specialization

Performance of building walls, windows and roofs

Sustainable roofing including green roofs, cool roofs and blue roofs

Value engineering related to building walls, windows and roofs

Building energy and water conservation

Construction performance and new home warranty

Sustainability and energy policy research


Year University Degree
1985 University of Toronto MASc
1983 Indian Institute of Technology BTech

Selected Courses

Course Code Course Title
ASC 303 Structures II
ASC 620 Integration Studio II
BSC 720 Building Science Studio I

Sustainability of Existing and Heritage Buildings


In 2014, Hitesh Doshi became a bit of a celebrity. An innovator in green roof technology, he is no stranger to media interest and acclaim. However, on this occasion the attention was for something entirely different: Doshi discovered a misidentified mountain on a Bank of Canada new Frontiers Series $10 polymer bill. His finding led the Bank to correct the design description. “It was a real thrill,” he says.

This talent is a direct result of Doshi's powers of observation—powers that serve his students well. An award-winning professor, he often takes photos of small architectural details that others may miss, such as an unusual combination of steel and wood, or pipes that add aesthetic interest while also serving as drainage. He shows the photos to his students, who unpack the reasoning behind the design and discuss how they would approach it.

Doshi hopes that his students apply his observant approach to their education experience and their careers. “If you look closely enough at something,” he says, “an amazing story will be revealed.”

Hitesh Doshi

“Every student has the potential to contribute something important to society.”

  • Certificate of Authorization Holder with the Professional Engineers Ontario working as a sole proprietor providing building science services