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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

A diverse group of students working together

The Department of Architectural Science (DAS) is committed to providing a learning environment and culture built on the fundamental values of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). 

These values are integral to our community and embedded throughout our programs, opportunities and resources. As a community of diverse cultures, experiences, opinions and ideas, we will continue to work collaboratively to remove systematic barriers and ensure an inclusive environment for students, staff and faculty in DAS. 

Story Highlights

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The prayer and wellness room project serves as a testament to the power of student-led initiatives and the potential for positive change when students take action to address the diverse needs of their community.

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The Studio of Contemporary Architecture (SOCA) is a research-focused architecture and urban design studio committed to inclusive city building and cultural impact, and is currently representing Canada at the 2023 Venice Biennale of Architecture with their award-winning work.

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Julianne Guevara, an Intern Architect at LGA Architectural Partners, intertwines her professional practice with advocacy for societal change, exploring architecture's potential as a tool for resistance against imperialism and colonialism. 

EDI Committee

The EDI Committee, a subcommittee of the Department Council, consists of students, faculty, staff and alumni working collaboratively to raise awareness and develop actionable steps to identify, evaluate and resolve EDI barriers inside and outside of the classroom. 

  • Nour Abdelfattah, Undergraduate student 
  • Aanya Amin, Undergraduate student
  • Reza Assasi, Instructor
  • Bridgette Dalima, Staff 
  • Dagmawi Degefu, Graduate student
  • Noheir Elgendy, Instructor 
  • Jennifer Esposito, Faculty 
  • Tamoy Hibbert, Undergraduate student 
  • Chey Isiguzo, Graduate student 
  • Julia Jamrozik, Faculty and Committee Chair
  • Dorothy Johns, Graduate student and instructor 
  • June Komisar, Faculty 
  • Lisa Landrum, Chair, DAS
  • Esha Moddi, Undergraduate student
  • Narges Motevasseli, Undergraduate student 
  • Carlo Parente, Faculty 
  • Sara Shemirani, Industry and alumnus 
  • Yash Vyas, Graduate student and instructor 

2022-2023 Members

  • Bridgette Dalima, Staff
  • Dagmawi Degefu, Graduate student
  • Mark Gorgolewski, Chair, DAS 
  • Julia Jamrozik, Faculty 
  • Dorothy Johns, Graduate Student and Committee Chair
  • June Komisar, Faculty 
  • Christine Leu, Instructor 
  • Monica Meiqiong Li, Undergraduate Student 
  • Carlo Parente, Faculty 
  • Saskia Scarce, Undergraduate Student 
  • Sara Shemirani, Industry and alumnus
  • Yash Vyas, Graduate Student