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Large group of students in the architecture building foyer

Architecture with Impact

At Toronto Met’s Department of Architectural Science (DAS), we solve real-world problems through design and building expertise. Because of our interdisciplinary structure, our students have a deep understanding of every stage of the projects they undertake—from design, to detail, to delivery.

DAS is the only school in Canada that integrates architecture, building science and project management. Our faculty are widely recognized for their rigour, diverse experience and creative teaching approaches. They generate impact by applying their expertise to pressing social, cultural, economic, health and environmental challenges via the following areas of scholarly research and creative activity:

  • Architectural practice
  • Architecture and culture
  • Energy efficiency
  • High performance systems/enclosures/materials
  • Managing construction projects
  • New media and the virtual world
  • Sustainable buildings

Our talented undergraduate and graduate students take advantage of our extensive theoretical, technological and experiential learning opportunities. They are passionate about issues such as the challenges of urbanization, globalization, sustainable design and social housing, and are highly valued by the profession when they graduate. Many go on to establish careers with well-known international firms such as BIG, Shigeru Ban Architects, Turenscape and Transsolar, or local firms such as Raw Design, Diamond and Schmitt Architects, and Moriyama & Teshima.

The program in architecture at Toronto Metropolitan University is fully accredited, for a six-year term, by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB).


History of DAS

infographic: in 1948, we launched school of architectural draughting program
infographic: in 1973: introduced a 4-year degree
infographic: in 2007, introduced Master of Architecture degree
infographic: in 2008, launched building science graduate program
infographic: in 2010, achieved full accreditation

Our People

Our Mission

  1. To provide education for a wide range of professional roles in the design, construction and management of the built environment by developing, enhancing and maintaining undergraduate, graduate and certification programs of applied study, and research in the areas of design, building science, project management and landscape.
  2. To prepare professionals for leadership roles in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) Industry in the Greater Toronto Area, in Canada, and internationally by focusing on the development of the fundamental skills, knowledge and critical judgment necessary for effective participation in a complex, collaborative, cross-disciplinary workplace.
  3. To foster a comprehensive vision of architecture as a social, technical, political and cultural practice in the context of sustainability and evolving environmental and societal needs, and to utilize our combined expertise for the benefit of the larger community.
  4. To cultivate an environment conducive to lifelong learning and the pursuit of scholarly, research and creative activity by faculty and students.