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Students Test Digital Fabrication Tools for Design-Build Project

The newest addition to the Department of Architectural Science building sits on-top of concrete remnants on the edge of the main entrance. Coated with a chantilly-lace-white, the modular sections are joined together by intricate slots, all sandwiched together to form a centrepiece for visitors old and new. Clean-lined, geometric, and almost sequential in build, the 3D printed and laser-cut structure ripples of mid-day light. We spoke with students Gabriel Garofalo, Treya Vyas, Samantha Wu, and Leshin Chew to chat about their experience. 

Featured Story

Undergraduate Students Build Community Garden Pavilion in TimberFever Competition

In mid-September, Department of Architectural Science students participated in TimberFever, a multi-day design-build competition presented by Moses Structural Engineering, and hosted at Toronto Metropolitan University.  Each year, TimberFever student organizers group together architecture and civil engineering students, and present the teams with an undisclosed design brief. Prompted by themes of sustainability, food insecurity, and food scarcity, each team were assigned crops, and were tasked with building a structure to accommodate their respective vegetation. Some teams focused on water management, while others highlighted accessible design. In the end, 16 structures came together for the 2022 TimberFever theme of the Community Garden Pavilion.