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Part-Time Instructors

At DAS, our part-time instructors are leaders in the architecture, building science and construction project management professions. They run active practices, consultancies and organizations, and are dedicated to providing you with an immersive, industry-relevant and leading-edge education.

Maziar Asefi

Dr. Maziar Asefi, MArch, PhD, MRAIC, PMP

Asefi has over 17 years of experience in teaching design studios, transformable and interactive architecture, and advanced structures. He has authored seven books and has registered three patents in the field of transformable and kinetic architecture.


Douglas Bower

Dr. Douglas Bower, BArch, MBA, MSc, DPM, PMP

As an architect, Bower led projects for major consulting firms and corporations for 25 years. He has taught at Toronto Met for 20 years, and his research on project phases and earned value has been published in professional journals.


Robert Coelho

Robert Coelho, BTech, MArch, LEED AP, MRAIC

Coelho’s area of expertise is in cohousing and multi-unit, mixed-use design. He is a principal associate at Edward Wojs Architect.


Noheir Elgendy

Noheir Elgendy, MSc, PhD

Elgendy is an architect with 17 years of experience teaching architecture and urban design. Her areas of expertise include sustainable design, urban regeneration and participatory planning. Her research focuses on urban justice, forced migration and inclusive urban policies.

Joey Giaimo

Joey Giaimo, B.Tech (Arch.Sci), M.Arch, OAA, MRAIC, CAHP 

Giaimo is a principal at his eponymous architecture firm. His area of expertise lies in heritage conservation and architectural design.


Michelle Grant

Michelle Grant, BSc, BArch, MArch, OAA, LEED BD+C

Grant is a partner at simonjames. Her design interests focus on phenomenology and the perceptual experience of built form.


Portrait of Stanislav Jurković smiling.

Stanislav Jurković, BES, MArch, OAA, MRAIC

Jurković is a principal at uoai, a multi-disciplinary practice with an emphasis on architectural design and public art projects.


Joanne Lam

Joanne Lam, BES, MArch, OAA, LEED AP

Lam is a founding partner of Picnic Design, a practice that ranges from interiors to architecture to master planning. She has a particular interest in mixed-use, multi-unit co-living projects.


Pierre-Alexandre Le Lay

Pierre-Alexandre Le Lay, BSc, BArch, MArch, OAA

Le Lay is an architect with RAW Design. His work focuses on the design of urban, mixed-use developments and public art installations.


Christine Leu

Christine Leu, BES, MArch, OAA, MRAIC

Leu is a founding partner of LeuWebb Projects. She has expertise in mixed-use developments, as well as curation, installations and public art.


Ivan Martinovic

Ivan Martinovic, Dipl. Eng, Arch, OAA, FRAIC

Martinovic is a principal of Archdesign Architects. His expertise in practice is in the areas of contemporary residential design, production of contract documents and contract administration. His teaching interests concern the areas of design theory, universal design and principles of resilience.


Garth Norbraten

Garth Norbraten

Norbraten has been a practicing architect since the 1990s, with experience in residential, cultural, industrial and institutional projects. His interests include the fit of the new with the existing, and the architecture of Japan, Finland and Sweden.


Julie Ourceau

Julie Ourceau

Ourceau is a freelance architectural designer. Her areas of expertise include institutional architecture, urban sustainable design and visual arts explorations, as well as post-secondary architectural education.


Dimitri Papatheodorou

Dimitri Papatheodorou, OAA, MRAIC

Papatheodorou is an architect, visual artist and musician. He has exhibited his work across Canada and abroad.


Viswam Sankrithi

Vis Sankrithi, BArch, OAA, MRAIC

Sankrithi is an architect overseeing the planning, design and construction of several significant academic building and infrastructure projects at the University of Toronto. He is interested in understanding architecture in relation to broader social, political and environmental contexts.  


Ian Sinclair

Ian Sinclair, MEng&Man, PEng, CEng

Sinclair is an independent consultant, following a career in consulting engineering and solar project development. His professional expertise includes renewable energy retrofits (with a focus on solar thermal) and building energy efficiency, both as a commissioning professional and energy retrofit specialist.


Scott Sorli

Scott Sørli, BASc, BArch, MArchSci, MRAIC

Sørli’s transdisciplinary practice concerns itself with the moments when form and matter engage the political and economic forces that produce the city.


Kevin Stelzer

Kevin Stelzer, B.ES, B.Arch, OAA, MRAIC, LEED AP BD+C, BSSO, CPHD

Stelzer is a principal with ENFORM Architects. He focuses upon zero carbon design. He has worked extensively with industry leadership including the CaGBC, OBEC, WGBC, and the UN SBCI. He sits on the Waterfront Toronto Design Review Committee.