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Paul H. Cocker Gallery

A wide view of the Paul H. Cocker Gallery from the entrance

The Paul H. Cocker (PHC) Gallery is the main exhibition space for DAS, providing an opportunity for students and faculty members to showcase their studio work, research and other projects. Supporting DAS’s overall mission, the gallery’s exhibitions and installations explore the intersection of architecture and cultural, social and political practises. The gallery also collaborates with independent curators to commission original exhibitions by local and visiting architects and designers.

Designed by Toronto-based architecture firm Gow Hastings Architects, the 1,184-square-foot gallery features flexible hanging and display systems for exhibiting a variety of multimedia installations and sculptural models. Opening into the Architecture Building’s main floor atrium space, the gallery hosts annual academic events including Awards Night, Collaborative Exercise and the End of the Year Show.

All virtual exhibitions are currently available online at (external link, opens in new window) . (external link) 

  325 Church St. ARC-224

     9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET