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Building Science Lab

In the Building Science Lab, a student wearing safety glasses and protective gloves holds a block of building material inside a temperature testing machine.

In our Building Science Lab – the most expansive of its kind in any Canadian university – you can test the durability of building materials, explore the principles of energy efficiency, see first-hand how the environment impacts structural integrity, and so much more. Designed for building science graduate students and fourth-year undergraduates specializing in building science, our full field testing lab features a number of tools, instruments and machines to deepen your knowledge of innovative building performance. These tools include an accelerated aging machine, environmental and stability chambers, a thermal conductivity machine and a freeze-thaw chamber. A staffed technician is on hand to assist students with projects. 

The Advanced Building Technology (ABT) Lab is part of the larger Building Science Lab. Located in ARC-300J, it is equipped with several material testing tools that enable you to study acoustic, lighting and thermal behaviour in various conditions.

   325 Church St. ARC-124

 Hours:
    Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.