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The Faculty at the Ted Rogers School can learn from insights gathered around co-op graduate outcomes, employment trends, leading employers, and the process behind the development of our popular bootcamp program.

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Faculty Issue - May/June 2024

May/June Issue

In collaboration with the Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion (OVPECI), we identified possible barriers to the Ted Rogers Co-op program among several equity-deserving groups at TRSM.

This report highlights ways the Co-op team will address some of these barriers, including the provision of financial assistance for students, thanks to a new corporate donor, CIBC. In addition, with the full support of the Chairs/Directors, we will pilot two initiatives this academic year to expand opportunities for students to gain valuable work experience.  

To request the full report, please contact Donna Muirhead at

This Hub Insight report highlights the job search data for 1st work term. The analysis highlights that Summer work terms are more competitive, thus, requiring a higher number of applications. The semester in which students do their 1st work term is also an important factor. 

The data also reveals that students have a significant advantage in securing a role if they apply within six days of the job being posted. Drawing from these insights, the Ted Rogers Co-op team is better equipped to support and empower our students to be successful in their search.

This Hub Insights report highlights the significant expansion of the Ted Rogers Bootcamps since its inception in 2017, now offering diverse technical training sessions including Python, Tableau, Salesforce, R, AI, TaxPrep and more. 

With over 17,000 registrations this past year, the program bridges the gap between academic curriculum and industry demands, positioning students to secure meaningful jobs.

Partnerships with BDO, IBM, CGI and RSM have enabled students to learn from industry leaders in a safe and hands-on environment.  

This report celebrates the February 15th launch of 'Early Talent Insights'. 

Participating in the event were Dr. Cynthia Holmes, the Dean of the Ted Rogers School of Management, Dr. Mark Lee, the Associate Dean of Student Engagement and Inclusivity, a number of students and alumni, and over 70 of our employer partners.

Employers supporting the launch included many of our top employers - PwC, Aritzia, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, Metrolinx, Microsoft, Pwc, RBC, Scotia, TTC - were excited to have access to data that would provide them with valuable insights on what is top of mind for our students and new graduates.

This report also includes the inaugural report for Early Talent Insights, highlighting what students most value in an employment offer.

This Insights report summarizes a strategy that will deepen our relationships with industry partners.

Introducing 'Early Talent Insights' - a service that shares insights with employers around what is top of mind for students and new graduates. This insight, based on student polling, will help employers attract top talent and shape an offer and work environment that better aligns with the needs and preferences of our students. 

Read this Insights report to learn more about this strategic initiative, and the industry stakeholders involved in the initial design prototype.

The Senate recently approved a new admission pathway for students interested in the Ted Rogers Co-op program. Starting in the 2024-2025 academic year, the University will be offering students the option to apply directly to the Co-op program directly from High School. 

As this report details, this new process will continue to offer TRSM students the opportunity to apply at the end of either 1st or 2nd year, to ensure inclusivity and fairness, although we expect most students will be admitted from high school.

Also included in the report are a list of internal stakeholders, across the University, who are pivotal to this important initiative.

Are you interested in what factors, other than salary, influence TRSM students in assessing a full-time offer? 

This issue of Hub Insights summarizes the responses of 2,853 students, highlighting that students value industry-leading brands.

This issue of Hub Insights highlights how career conversations can be integrated into the classroom, using Dr. Alan Kaplan’s AFF604 (Ethics in Finance) course as an example.

This past Spring, he provided students an opportunity to conduct mock interviews tailored specifically to finance roles.

Faculty Issue - July/August 2023

July/August Issue

Every Summer, we issue an Annual Report for each of the 12 Co-op Programs at the Ted Rogers School of Management. This year, we celebrate a new milestone for the program- since 2017, students have earned over $100M through work term earnings, helping them reduce their tuition burden.

In each of these detailed reports, we share other successes for each program and speak to some of the challenges we face. 

As a Faculty member, if you did not receive the Annual Report for your program, or wish to see other program reports, please connect directly with Donna Muirhead at

Faculty Issue - May/June 2023

May/June Issue

We have seen growth in the Ted Rogers Co-op program since 2017, and have learned, firsthand, that our employer partners value the diversity we offer. But we have often wondered if the program itself is representative of the diverse student population at TRSM and whether students face barriers to participation. 

As part of an internal audit of the Co-op program, we reached out to the Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion (OVPECI), and in particular, Tamar Myers, Director, Research, Planning and Assessment, to support us in analyzing the diversity data for the Co-op program. 

Overall, the Co-op program is representative of the diversity of the School, although there appears to be opportunity to explore possible barriers to participation. 

To request the full report, please contact Donna Muirhead at

Part of our long-term strategy at BCH is to work closely with our valued partners and help them connect to, and understand, the next generation of leaders we are supporting. 

We have launched the 1st of a series of student polls, using the brand name Hubert Asks - each poll is designed to answer questions that are top of mind for employers. This report summarizes the responses we received from students and insight into our next poll question.

Faculty Issue - March 2023

March Issue

A new process to accept High School students directly into the Co-op program will position the Ted Rogers School of Management more competitively among Ontario Universities and provide more peace of mind for students starting in their 1st year.

This report provides insight into the new admissions process and analysis from our Decisions Support Analysis team.

To access the full report, please contact Donna Muirhead at

One of the driving forces behind the growth of the Ted Rogers Co-op program over the last five years is the quality of our students and how they have been able to contribute to their organizations, while on a work term.

This report highlights that 66% of our students have achieved excellence or outstanding while on a work term.

In the Fall of 2022, Dr. Lena Liang integrated a number of Hub Insight reports into her HTH901 course outline and partnered with the Careers team at the Business Career Hub (BCH) to offer her students the opportunity to practice their interviewing skills. Learn more about how you might partner with BCH to support your students. 

In the Summer of 2022, we asked 1,300 Supervisors of Co-op students the following question: 'What are the top traits you look for when hiring a Co-op student?'.

This report summarizes their responses showcasing that willingness to learn, attitude, and ability to communicate as being the most desired skills.

Ever wondered which industry sectors hire the most Ted Rogers students, and how this landscape has changed over the last five years? This Hub Insights report highlights Financial Services as the lead sector in postings and hires, but that Public Sector has seen the sharpest increase in hiring activity since 2017. 

Discover the impact that Hub Insights is having on Ted Rogers students. Since its launch in March 2022, our students have downloaded almost 8,000 reports across 93 subjects.  One of the most popular reports, 'A Day in the Life of a Business Analyst' chronicles a typical day of a Ted Rogers Alumni who is working as a Business Analyst at RBC Financial. Students can access the Hub Insights webpage 24/7 and explore career pathways, at their convenience, after hours. Helping students prepare for their life journey, on their terms, is our ultimate goal.

Learn how Ted Rogers students are preparing themselves, outside the classroom, to compete in the marketplace. Bootcamp programming was launched in 2017 with just one offering, Excel. The program now delivers over 26 technical programs, including Python, Tableau, Digital Communication, R, Social Media Analytics, and student interest in them is clearly demonstrated in the numbers. To date, we have processed over 50,000 bootcamp registrations for TRSM students and alumni.

Our mission in the Business Career Hub is to 'create meaningful change for our students, alumni and employer partners'. This report showcases how we have engaged with over 200 employers and alumni in the planning of the Summer 2022 program. Summaries and student engagement data is provided for Summer Career Prep Programs and Technical Bootcamp offerings.

June Issue Preview

June Issue

In these 12 reports, we chronicle the exponential growth of the Ted Rogers Co-op program over the last five years, and provide data on employment outcomes, wages earned, employers, desired skill sets, and learning outcomes, by academic program.

To access these full reports, please contact Donna Muirhead at

May Issue Preview

May Issue

This report showcases the employment outcomes for our 2021 cohort of students graduating with the Co-op designation.

Employers, position titles, and industry sectors are all highlighted in addition to employment outcomes by academic program.

To access the full report, please contact Donna Muirhead at

Preview of Faculty Report on Employment Rates

April Issue

How has the pandemic impacted the employment prospects of Ted Rogers students?

This report tracks the employment rate for Co-op students over the last several years, pointing to an optimistic Summer 2022 forecast.  

To read the full report, please contact Donna Muirhead at

How does BCH prioritize the development of new bootcamps for students at the Ted Rogers School? 

This report summarizes the process behind the development of the Tableau bootcamp, and highlights how our employment data helped us identify an emerging trend in industry towards using Tableau.