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Welcome to Hub360! Here you will find an interactive deep-dive into how the Business Career Hub engages and supports 12,000+ undergraduate students at the Ted Rogers School of Management across three distinct business units: Ted Rogers Careers, the Ted Rogers Co-op program and the Bootcamp department.

The Hub at the Ted Rogers School is a team dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative programs and services designed to shape diverse business leaders. Our teams build partnerships that enhance career and skills development, and generate experiential education and employment opportunities.

Hub360 will highlight the number of students who interacted in programs and activities created to enhance their career preparedness with the Hub since 2017.  Data is updated each term, and currently reflects up to and including the Winter 2024 term. Interactions are defined by every time our team connects with students - be it through appointments, workshops, events or preparatory programming.

The Hub welcomes inquiries and suggestions on how we can grow and strengthen our services. You can get in touch with our team at

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Take a look at how the Hub has engaged with undergraduate students across the three distinct business units with a focus on appointments, drop-ins and events.

 Award-winning career centre prepares students for what industry wants

Ted Rogers Careers offers career development opportunities tailored to each student’s individual needs and access to Career Coordinators for all Ted Rogers School of Management's program areas.

See how the unit engaged students on one-on-one appointments with experienced career coordinators, career workshops, employer events and preparatory programs to help students succeed in today’s workforce.

 Ted Rogers Co-op gets students ready for hands-on experience in the business world

The Ted Rogers Co-op program gives students the opportunity to work at leading organizations across all industry sectors, allowing them to gain valuable work experience and foster connections with hundreds of industry-leading employers.

Since 2017, the program has seen an average growth of 57% year over year to a current enrollment of +2,400 students.

The program sets students up for success in their work placements by offering an industry-approved preparatory program, including career readiness, self-assessment, professional skills training using live actors, peer mentoring and core technical skills.

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Take a deep dive on how the unit engages and supports Ted Rogers Co-op students to succeed in their work placements by offering one-on-one coaching, industry-approved preparatory program, including career readiness, self-assessment, professional skills training using live actors, peer mentoring and technical skills.

The Co-op Symposium: Newly admitted students oriented during this informative conference.

Industry Simulation: Co-op students actively participate in and learn from live actor simulations.

 Bootcamps help students learn relevant technical skills

The award-winning Bootcamp team, part of the Hub at the Ted Rogers School, provides students with opportunities to continuously upgrade and enhance their technical skills through industry and facilitator-led bootcamps. Attending these bootcamps provides students with fast access to industry-relevant training to bridge the gap between curriculum and market needs.

Bootcamps rely primarily on peer-to-peer facilitation to train students who want to develop technical skills as they navigate their student journey at Ted Rogers School.

The Bootcamp team launched digital credentials in May 2019 for completion of all levels of a specific bootcamp and successful submission of assigned work. Students that received digital credentials are able to showcase on social platforms such as LinkedIn. This acts as a confirmation of achievement that can be accessed and verified online.

Digital Credentials have increased student awareness and played a key role behind the growth of the unit. The digital credentials have also created consistency when students describe their technical skills on a resume or cover letter. Students can demonstrate a level of proficiency with technology platforms, despite not necessarily having hands on experience in a professional setting.

Have a look at the technical skills our students are developing and the top 5 bootcamps taken by academic majors. You can also view the Digital credentials that have been issued to our students by bootcamp topic.

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Bootcamps: Learn why students and employers feel the completion of Bootcamps is critical.