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Corporate Partnerships

The Ted Rogers School of Management at Toronto Metropolitan University is Canada's leading diverse, entrepreneurial business school centred in an urban learning environment. At the Hub, we are shaping a generation of leaders that are conscious, resilient and nimble

You're in good company

We understand the power of strategic partnerships in today's dynamic business landscape. Our Corporate Partnership team is dedicated to collaborating with you to craft tailor-made opportunities that not only boost your organization’s brand awareness but also showcase your unique opportunities to our community of:

BCOMM in All 12 Programs
12,000+ Undergraduate Students
Co-op Canada's Largest Business Co-op Program
60,000 Ted Rogers Alumni

Explore partnership opportunities

Explore a world of opportunities to connect with our dynamic and diverse community.

Whether it’s through campus events, industry prep programs or student group collaborations, there's always an avenue for you to connect with Ted Rogers School of Management students.

Join us in providing invaluable and meaningful work experiences!

Learn about the ways you can hire our students via the Ted Rogers Co-op Program and promote internship, part-time or new grad opportunities to our student and alumni community.

Early Talent Insights is a unique and innovative service that gives you access to valuable data and insights on how our students and early graduates perceive the labour market and what they look for in a workplace.

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We partner with industry-leading businesses and organizations, addressing their unique challenges in agile, digital, and entrepreneurial ways.

Together we can foster strategic, fearless and measured approaches to learning and growth for your organization.