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For Future TRSM Students

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Get ready for an epic career in business

When you earn your degree at Toronto Metropolitan University, you’re getting an excellent academic foundation - plus the real-world experience through the Ted Rogers Co-op Program.

By graduating with up to 16 months of relevant work experience, you will cultivate practical skills, professional networks, and gain a deeper understanding of your chosen field, ultimately better preparing you for the demands of the workforce.

What is co-op?

Co-op is an academic, work-integrated learning (WIL) program, with various academic requirements to participate. As an undergraduate student in the Ted Rogers Co-op Program, you will alternate your terms between academic terms and paid work terms.

Your academic journey will include:

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Paid Work Terms Giving You Hands-on Experience

You will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned from your courses in a professional workplace setting. 

On average students starting their first work term will earn $18.66, which can increase as students complete their second, third and fourth work terms. On average, students earn $46,000 over their four work terms.

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Applying Your Work Knowledge in the Classroom

When returning to your academic semesters, you will also apply what you’ve learned on your co-op work terms to your courses.

During your academic semesters, you will not be working. You will be focusing on your studies and applying for your next co-op role.

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Tailored, Ongoing Career Support

You will have a dedicated Co-op Coordinator to support you throughout your co-op journey, both on your academic terms and work terms.

Co-op Coordinators will help with all aspects of the job search including resume and cover letter writing, searching for work terms, interview preparation and more!

Throughout the Ted Rogers Co-op Program, co-op students will gain 16 months of paid, working experience.

This is split into four work terms, each four months in duration.

An example of your sequencing can be found here, however, please note that each program has a unique sequence that can be found in our Hub Insights reports, 'All About Co-op' (opens in new window) .


Timeline Fall Winter Summer
Year 1 1st Semester 2nd Semester Apply for Co-op
Year 2 3rd Semester 4th Semester Work Term I
Year 3 5th Semester Work Term II 6th Semester
Year 4 Work Term III 7th Semester Work Term IV
Year 5 8th Semester - -

Your co-op journey awaits

There are different avenues to the Ted Rogers Co-op program and we’re here to provide the support and guidance you need to successfully apply.

What is Advanced Entry?

Advanced entry means you are pre-approved for the Ted Rogers Co-op Program. It also gives you the opportunity to participate in the Co-op Prep Program as early as your 1st year, including access to our extensive Bootcamp offerings.

How do I become eligible for Advanced Entry when applying to the Ted Rogers School?

Students achieving a minimum of 90% in their top six grades will be automatically eligible for advanced entry into the co-op programs in Accounting & Finance, Business Management or Business Technology Management. Similarly, those attaining an 85% in their top six grades will qualify for advanced entry into the co-op programs in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Retail Management. You are not required to apply for Advanced Entry, it is automatically assessed on your behalf.

*Meeting the minimum requirements for co-op advanced entry does not guarantee a space in the program. Given the competitive nature of the application process to our programs, applicants may need to present averages or grades that exceed the specified minimum.

What steps will I need to take if I accept to join the Ted Rogers School with an Advanced Entry offer?

Students are guaranteed a spot in the Ted Rogers Co-op program if they follow the below (also outlined in the annual Co-op Application Guide (external link, opens in new window) ): 

  • maintain their university program eligibility CGPA
  • complete courses in good academic standing
  • submit final documentation

Even though you are guaranteed a spot and pre-approved, you will need to confirm your interest by meeting with a Career Coordinator; you will receive communication from our team, at the appropriate window for your program to confirm your interest in co-op and begin completing the Co-op Prep Program.

Not admitted with Advanced Entry from high school? Not to worry, as you can still apply to Ted Rogers Co-op Program as a full-time undergraduate student. You have one window to apply based on your major:

  • End of your 1st year (apply between April 1st - June 1st):
    • Accounting
    • Business Technology Management
    • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
    • Finance
    • Hospitality & Tourism Management and;
    • Retail Management
  • End of your 2nd year (apply between April 1st - June 1st):
    • Economics & Management Science
    • Global Management Studies
    • Human Resources Management
    • Law & Business
    • Marketing Management and;
    • Real Estate Management

As each situation is different depending on your transfer term and transferable courses, please follow the below steps to ensure you know when to apply for the co-op program, upon accepting your offer to join the Ted Rogers School:

  1. Book an appointment with your Student Advisor to confirm what year you are in academically.
  2. Book an appointment with a Career Coordinator to confirm when to apply based on your academic year and unique course schedule.

Direct Entry is a post-secondary degree pathway from college to university which recognizes the completion of a specific College diploma; credits earned in specific programs at an Ontario College are applied towards direct entry or advanced standing at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Co-op for Direct Entry Students:

You are automatically eligible for the Ted Rogers Co-op Program. As long as you maintain your academic standing, there’s no need to compete for a spot in the program – you're pre-approved.

Direct Entry majors eligible to apply to the co-op program:

  • Global Management Studies
  • Human Resources Management
  • Law & Business
  • Marketing Management
  • Real Estate Management and;
  • Retail Management

Next steps to secure your spot in the co-op program:

Even though you are pre-approved, you still need to secure your spot in the program. Upon accepting your offer to join the Ted Rogers School:

  1. Schedule a meeting with a Career Coordinator at the Business Career Hub.
  2. Maintain your academic standing in line with the co-op academic expectations (Academic expectations found in the Co-op Application Guide)
  3. Secure your spot as soon as you activate your TMU Email. The deadline is October 1, the year you are admitted at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Toronto Metropolitan University International College (TMUIC) (external link, opens in new window)  offers undergraduate pathways to Toronto Metropolitan University. As a TMUIC transfer student, your application to the co-op program depends on your major and admission term to the Ted Rogers School.

Majors eligible to apply to the co-op program from TMUIC

  • Economics & Management Science
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Global Management Studies
  • Human Resources Management
  • Law & Business
  • Marketing Management and;
  • Real Estate Management

Next steps to apply to the program:

To join the Ted Rogers Co-op Program, you must be on track academically, meaning not too far ahead or behind on courses. Upon your entry to the Ted Rogers School, ensure you are on track by:

  1. Book an appointment with your Student Advisor to course plan effectively
  2. Book an appointment with a Career Coordinator to confirm the deadline of your co-op application based on your admit term and to gain support for your application
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More information to support you

All About Co-op Reports

Discover co-op opportunities in the 12 BComm majors through our Hub Insights reports, "All About Co-op." Each report will highlight a major and include

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  • Skills employers are seeking
  • Average hourly wage rates
  • When you'll be working and studying
  • Process of applying to co-op
  • And more

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The Ted Rogers School is developing collaborative, creative leaders who will drive 21st century business forward while making a positive impact on society.

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