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Ace This Case

Ace this Case is a series of workshops intentionally designed to provide our students and alumni with the knowledge and skill set to excel in cutting cases during case interviews, case competitions and more!

Ace This Case - Consulting

Focusing on cutting cases within the Consulting industry, our student facilitated workshops are intentionally designed with topics ranging from problem-solving, case math, visual analytics, market sizing, profitability, mock interviews, and more.

Ace This Case - Capital Markets

Focusing on preparing students for the various technical aspects of the Capital Markets industry. Our student-facilitated sessions aim to introduce capital markets, how to build a stock pitch, industry-specific interview specific tips and more!

Ace This Case – Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Focusing on preparing students for case interviews in the CPG industry! Our student-facilitated sessions will share additional information about the CPG industry, explore various interview methods, a preview requisite skills and more!