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Indigenous Applicants: How to Apply

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Candidates who choose to self-identify as Indigenous, First Nations, Mètis or Inuit, can participate in the Midwifery Education Program’s (MEP) Indigenous Admissions Process (IAP). Participation is voluntary and is intended to maximize opportunities for Indigenous applicants to be accepted into the MEP.

We recognize the value that Indigenous students bring, as well as the benefit they offer to both the general and the Indigenous midwifery communities in Ontario and across Canada. The Indigenous Admissions Process is designed to counter some of the systemic disadvantages that may make it harder for Indigenous applicants to access the MEP.

The Indigenous Admissions Process (IAP) is run by an Indigenous admissions team which typically includes Indigenous midwives, Indigenous faculty and Indigenous midwifery consumers. IAP interviews are scheduled during the same week as multiple mini interviews and are conducted by an Indigenous interview panel (typically 3-4 people).

The IAP reflects Ryerson’s Aboriginal Strategic Plan, the Ryerson Aboriginal Students Services and broader policies in the university that are focused on the recruitment, retention and success of Indigenous students across the institution.

It’s important to be aware of the following:

  • The Midwifery Education Program (MEP) is very competitive and has a limited enrolment. There are approximately 30 applicants accepted into the MEP program at each site every year.
  • Successful applicants usually have completed one or more years of university or have equivalent experience before applying.
  • Grades are only one of the components reviewed for entry into this rigorous and rewarding program.
  • You must be a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident or Protected Person/Convention Refugee living in Canada or in the process of getting your residency status. This program is not available to international students.
  • February 1st is the deadline to submit all required application documents.
  • Applicants with in-progress prerequisite subject(s) must present final or midterm grades by the February 1 deadline.
  • Ryerson midwifery clinical placements and interprofessional placements are primarily within the GTA.

Indigenous candidates – like all applicants – must meet the minimum academic requirements for entry into the program.

For detailed academic requirements and instructions on how to apply, please choose the applicant type that best describes who you are:

Voluntary Equity Admissions Self ID and Indigenous Application Process Form

The Midwifery Education Program uses an equity admissions process to support equitable representation of groups underrepresented in the midwifery student body and the midwifery profession in Ontario. 

Applicants who self-identify as Indigenous may also pursue the Indigenous Admissions Process. 

If you wish to submit this form, it must be received by February 1, 2022.

Here’s how to access and submit the voluntary Equity Admissions Self ID Form:

1. Access your Choose>Ryerson Applicant Portal account.

Here's how to access your Choose>Ryerson Applicant Portal account:

a. Get your Ryerson Student Number in the email acknowledgement of your application.

b. Activate your Ryerson Online Identity. Fill in the Activation Form at When asked for your Student/Applicant ID, enter your nine-digit Ryerson Student Number. Keep a record of your user name and password.

c. 24 hours after activating your Ryerson Online Identity, visit the Choose>Ryerson Applicant Portal

2. Click on the button to link to the eForms Centre.

3. Next, click on the eForms Centre tile.

4. Then click on the Midwifery Self ID Form link.


Application Status

  • You can track your application through the portal under 'My Application Status' and documents from Ryerson can be found in the 'My Documents' section.
  • It is your responsibility to track the status of your application for admission through the Choose>Ryerson portal.

IAP Assessment

The IAP Interview Process

  • Indigenous applicants chosen for an interview through the IAP process will be invited to participate in a 45-minute interview conducted by an Indigenous team that whenever possible will consist of an:
    • Indigenous midwife
    • Indigenous midwifery consumer
    • Indigenous faculty member from the MEP.
  • Indigenous candidates are also requested to complete the standard MEP admissions interviews (a series of short Interviews) with the intent of maximizing opportunities for Indigenous applicants to be accepted into the MEP.  
  • Applicants can contact the Ryerson Aboriginal Student Services (RASS) to find out what kind of services and supports are available as an Indigenous candidate to the MEP, and as a Ryerson student.

Personal Interviews

  • Interviews are conducted online.
  • Applicants are asked a series of interview questions and the recorded answers are reviewed by the assessor.
  • Interviews typically focus on a number of areas, including:
    • Motivation to become a midwife
    • Qualities such as empathy, responsibility, flexibility, and self-reflexivity.
    • Awareness of the reality and demands of being a midwifery student and a midwife in Ontario.
    • Skills such as communication, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Post Interview Process 

  • After the interview stage is completed, offers of admissions will be made to approximately 30 successful candidates in early May. Candidates are notified of their admission decisions through their Choose>Ryerson account.
  • A select number of applicants who were not granted admission may be placed on a waiting list.
  • All waiting lists are automatically dissolved at the beginning of the school year (end of the first week of classes). So, if you have not heard from us by then, and are still interested in the MEP at Ryerson, please reapply for admission for the following year.

Indigenous applicants who do not receive an offer of admission to the MEP are invited by RASS to meet with an Academic Support Advisor to see if they are interested in applying for another Ryerson program, or at another post-secondary institution. RASS supports applicants to try and ensure future success.

Applicants who wish to self-identify as an Indigenous applicant and/or who wish to participate in the IAP can do so by completing the Voluntary Equity Admissions Self ID and Indigenous Application Process Form. Instructions on how to access this form can be found under Submitting Supporting Documents.