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Take Action

Teacher explaining key concepts to the class

All Toronto Metropolitan University MEP students are welcome to take part in MCU. Contribution is based on your interest and what your schedule can accommodate. We encourage all students to get involved! Contact us at for opportunities and be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter to stay informed of what is happening throughout the year! You can also connect with students from all years in the program through the TMU Midwifery Facebook group.

Members at Large  |  That means YOU!

The number of hours a month are variable for members at large, based on the events that are scheduled. The average commitment is about an hour a week. Common roles include sitting on various committees, planning events and activities, and bringing new ideas the the MCU table.

Event Volunteers |  That means YOU!

The number of hours are also variable with this role, which is suited for members who have little time to help on an ongoing basis. Common activities include putting up posters, making the ever-important coffee, and setting up tables.


Meetings take place regularly. Along with four other FCS schools, MCU uses a private office, DCC-329 found within the student union suites (DCC-331). Contact MCU or the MEP BIPOC Student Collective if you have a suggestion or information that should be considered at upcoming MCU leadership meetings, or if you'd like to serve as a "member at large."