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Clinical Teaching and Learning

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Clinical preceptors play a central role in the education of Toronto Metropolitan University midwifery students. Students spend two and a half years of the four-year Midwifery Education Program (MEP) learning alongside community-based midwives and inter-professional care providers.

Preceptors provide mentorship and guided teaching for students to put theory into practice to become skilled and compassionate midwives. Students rank their clinical learning as one of the most important and challenging parts of their midwifery education.

The MEP is committed to supporting preceptors to provide clinical education that promotes competence and confidence in student learners. 

This section of the website provides information and resources for Toronto Metropolitan University affiliated preceptors, teaching practice coordinators, students in clinical placements and midwifery faculty.

For Students

Explore resources to support your success in clinical placements.

For Preceptors

Learn about how to become a midwifery preceptor and what resources are available to support you as a preceptor.

For Practice Education Coordinators

Find resources to support your work as a Toronto Metropolitan University affiliated teaching practice coordinator in planning placements and coordinating clinical teaching.

Adjunct Faculty Members

View the Toronto Metropolitan University Midwifery Education Program’s adjunct faculty members.

Toronto Metropolitan University Affiliated Teaching Practices

View the midwifery practice groups and placement regions that are affiliated with the Toronto Metropolitan University Midwifery Education Program.

IBPOC Mentorship Program

Learn about the MEP IBPOC (Indigenous, Black, People of Colour) Mentorship Program and how to become involved as a student or a mentor.