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Toronto Metropolitan University Affiliated Teaching Practices

Students practising key techniques in the lab

The Ontario Midwifery Education Program consortium (OMEP) offers placements in three regions. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is affiliated with Toronto Metropolitan University. The Southwestern Ontario Region (SOA) is affiliated with McMaster University. The Greater Ontario Region (GOA) is the region formerly associated with Laurentian University. McMaster University is responsible to place students in the Southwestern Ontario Area (SOA) region or in the Greater Ontario Area (GOA). Toronto Metropolitan University is responsible to place students in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) or in the Greater Ontario Area (GOA). Students who transferred from Laurentian in 2021, or who were admitted to the MEP via their application to Laurentian University in 2021 are placed in the GOA area region. Separate allocation processes are held for the GTA and SOA regions. The GOA allocation process is held jointly by Toronto Metropolitan University and McMaster Universities.

OMEP students who self-identify as Indigenous and Black may access placements designated as Indigenous or Black across the province, even where these placements fall outside their university affiliated placement region. GOA students admitted to the Francophone or Northern stream have priority for placements designated as Francophone or Northern.