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Interprofessional Education in the Midwifery Program

Students having fun while learning

Interprofessional education is a key component of the Toronto Metropolitan University Midwifery Education Program. We are fortunate to have many respected and knowledgeable interprofessional teachers come to the program to teach our students in courses throughout the program. In addition, midwifery students are placed with a number of health professionals in the community and in hospitals, especially in their third year of study.

Health care and community professionals involved in midwifery education include: nurses, obstetricians, family doctors, nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, pediatricians, neonatolologists, social workers, naturopaths, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, psychiatrists, dietitians, lactation consultants, paramedics, and anaesthetists.

Building strong interprofessional relationships at the undergraduate level enhances collaboration, communication, job satisfaction, and most importantly client/patient satisfaction and care once our students graduate into the health professional workforce.

For their support of and dedication to our midwifery students, we’d like to take the time to thank all those health and social care professionals who are always so generous with their time and expertise.