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Transfer Credits

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  • Students are advised against assuming that requests for transfer credits will be approved and should enroll in all courses designated by their program of study.
  • Where students have courses from previous education that meet all the eligibility requirements, they may apply for transfer credit for the following courses:
  • Transfer credit is not available for any required or clinical courses not listed above.
  • Transfer credits do not reduce the time required to complete the program.
  • No more than 10 years can have elapsed between course completion and the entry to the MEP. Courses taken over ten years ago will be automatically denied.
  • With rare exceptions, a detailed syllabus will be required for every course where transfer credit is being requested.
  • Each application will be assessed on an individual basis.
  • The MEP does not offer any opportunities for Challenge Credits.
  • A maximum of five course outlines will be reviewed. If more than five are submitted, only the first five will be reviewed.

Application Process

All incoming students will be invited to the mandatory group academic advising session held in June or early July. Following this session, incoming students will have the opportunity to request the program review their potential transfer credits. Do not apply for transfer credits via your MyServiceHub account until you receive guidance from the program on which courses to submit.

The MEP offers guidance but until such time as the credits are officially seen in student MyServiceHub accounts, there is never certainty as to their approval. It is the student responsibility to review their transfer credit report in MyServiceHub to see the decisions on their transfer credit applications. Students are always advised to enroll in all the required and elective courses until such time as they see the credits in their MyServiceHub accounts.

Please see this  (PDF file) document for detailed information about transfer credits.

If you are a newly approved undergraduate student, there is no fee for applying for transfer credits. However, after April 1 of your first year, a $50 transfer credit late fee will apply to each submission of a transfer credit application, appeal or documentation required for incomplete applications.

Grade Requirements

Courses from accredited universities completed in the last 10 years are considered for transfer credit when successfully completed with a minimum grade of 60 percent (C-).

Courses from accredited post-secondary colleges and institutions of technology completed in the last 10 years may be considered for transfer credit when completed with a minimum grade of 70 percent (B-).

Courses submitted for transfer credit to meet elective requirements must be similar in content, breadth and depth to those listed in the calendar.

Courses Eligible for Transfer Credits

Level One Courses:

  • Required Group 1 - Women's Studies Elective (2 credits)
  • Professionally Related Electives (1 credit)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (BLG 10A/B)

Level Two Courses:

  • Required Group 1 - Social Science Courses (2 credits)