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Student filling out an Akindi bubble sheet while sitting at a desk

Akindi is an online integrated assessment system for either bubble sheet or online examinations. The tool is accessed through your D2L Brightspace course shell, where you can input your test answers using the easy to use assessment builder.

The Akindi test response system has replaced the university’s previous Scantron test response system for paper-based multiple choice tests as of the Winter 2022 term. This transition comes following the introduction of Akindi to faculties and departments in a pilot that began in 2018. Decommissioning of the Scantron test response system began on March 1, 2022.

About 

Akindi includes a multitude of tools to help you create or upload your exam questions and answers, create multiple versions of a test, and print bubble sheets at home or on campus with prefilled student information. Akindi Paper-Based Assessment supports up to 150 question tests with support for questions with multiple answers, bonus marks, and partial marks.

Getting Started 

To get started with Akindi, check out our Akindi guide for instructors

Akindi Paper-Based Assessment

Once complete, you can either print and scan the bubble sheets yourself using any printer and scanner, or easily send it off to be done for you on campus.

  • Integrated with D2L Brightspace
  • Scantron bubble sheet alternative
  • Use any scanner and regular printer paper
  • Innovative web based platform
  • Use any dark writing utensil to fill it out

Akindi Online Assessment

If using an Online Assessment, you can distribute directly to learners via Brightspace. 

  • Integrated with D2L Brightspace
  • Brightspace Quiz alternative
  • Import questions from a Word document
  • Set a hard deadline for completion
  • Easily update grading

Not sure if this is the right tool?

Akindi Paper-Based Assessment that supports the completion of bubble-sheet exams. 

Akindi Online Assessment can be used in some cases as an alternative to Brightspace Quizzes, as each tool presents different features.



Akindi Paper-Based Assessment

Recommended Use

No longer available; previously used for bubble sheet assessments

On-paper and hybrid bubble sheet assessments

Printing Sheets

Proprietary Scantron sheets

Regular A4 letter size sheets

Printing and Scanning

Proprietary printer/scanner available only at Bond Street Printshop

Any consumer printer/scanner; can be done by Bond Street Printshop or independently

Pre-filled student information on sheets 

Question types

Multiple Choice, T/F; no multi-answer

Max. of  215 questions

Answer options: A-E

Multiple Choice and Multi-Answer, T/F

Max. of 50 or 150 questions

Answer options: A-E or A-J


.CSV file emailed to you

Available online in the Akindi Dashboard, including the scanned bubblesheets

Advanced marking


Partial marks

Varied point values

Exact selection only

Multiple answer selection

Either/or (multiple correct choices)

Answer Key Creation

Use a bubblesheet and fill in the answer key. 

Put this at the top of the other bubblesheets for scanning.

Uploaded from .docx file

Manual selection (online)

Upload completed bubble sheet


Can edit answer key after completion 


Yes; automatically re-grades all students

Auto-export scores to Brightspace Grades


(manual CSV file upload to D2L Grades)

Automated response analysis 

Excel files emailed to instructor

Hybrid Assessment

Paper only

Yes; the same assessment can be run online or on-paper

Multiple versions of assessment



Brightspace Quizzes

Akindi Online Assessment

Recommended Use

Quizzes with pooled or varied question types

Multiple choice quizzes with a fixed end time; hybrid quizzes

Question types

Variety, including Multiple Choice, Written Response. Learn more about Brightspace Quiz Questions.

Multiple Choice, Multi-Answer

Hard deadline for submissions



Hybrid Assessment

No; online only

The same assessment can take place on paper and online

Accommodations can be individually set


Easily import questions from .docx or PDF file



One-step fix of incorrect questions



Automated response analysis 



Automated Virtual Proctoring Available


Randomly selected questions from pools 


Shuffle questions

Within sections or across entire quiz

Across entire quiz

Prevent backtracking

Can be set for one question or any page break

One question at a time

Multiple versions of quiz

Assigned based on group or section enrollment

Randomly assigned

Support 

For more information please visit the Akindi Help Center (external link) , Akindi’s Getting Started Guide or contact Akindi Support using the blue live-chat button in the bottom right corner of the screen while using the tool.

If you have any further questions, email us at, call 416-979-5000 ext. 556806 or visit our contact page.