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Below are the contact details for D2L Brightspace support at Toronto Metropolitan University. Please note that the support teams are different for students and instructors, so be sure to refer to the information that pertains to you.

Please contact your instructor with any questions regarding:

  • Whether your course will be using D2L Brightspace
  • Any contents of the online course, including materials, quizzes, assignments and posted grades

Please report to your instructor if you cannot access your course shell. They can work with our Faculty Support team to ensure everyone in the class has the necessary access.

Technical Support

416-979-5000 ext. 556840 (CCS Help Desk)

The student technical support form is available once you are logged into the portal.

In-Person Appointments

Advisors in the following computer labs can assist users during regular lab hours:

  • KHW 71
  • Library Information Commons

Self-Guided Online Tutorials

Review the student D2L Brightspace tutorials available online.

Self-Guided Online Tutorials

Our team has prepared step-by-step instructions to help you complete most tasks in D2L Brightspace.

Review the online tutorials for teaching with D2L Brightspace.

Custom Group Training

If your department or other team needs to learn how to use particular tools in D2L, contact us at to discuss options.


Technical Support


If you cannot find the answers you need in our online documentation, please email us at

Please include all the details of your problem, including:

  • the course/shell information
  • a description of what you have done, or what you are trying to do. 
  • a screenshot of any error messages you have encountered.

This will make it easier for us to troubleshoot in a timely manner.

Video Conferencing (Zoom or Google Meet)

Many questions can be answered by email, but if you require more substantial assistance, we are happy to arrange a meeting on Zoom or Google Meet, so that you can share your screen. Email us at, include a detailed description of the course/shell and problem, and please include details in your email about your availability, such as a preferred day/time, which we will try our best to accomodate so that we can support you.


For the most part, we only provide phone consultations for discussions about strategy, where it's not necessary to have a visual reference. It's much easier for us to provide efficient technical support using video conferencing, while viewing your shared screen.

Additional training

Find out more about the various instructor training options available.


MyServiceHub is a one-stop shop for everything you need to do online, such as viewing your academic, financial and personal information at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Please note that MyServiceHub and D2L Brightspace are two different systems, and are supported by different teams.