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Carlo Parente

Carlo Parente
Assistant Professor
BTech, MArch, OAA, AIA
416-979-5000 ext. 552652

Areas of Specialization

Architectural design

Design communication

Performance-based design

Architectural practice


Year University Degree
2007 Illinois Institute of Technology MArch
1998 Toronto Metropolitan University BTech

Selected Courses

Course Code Course Title
ASC 520 Integration Studio
ASC 304 The Construction Project


When Carlo Parente was a student at DAS in the late 1990’s, he never could have predicted just how far his career would take him—or how full-circle. After running his own studio in Toronto, completing his master’s degree and teaching in Chicago, he joined a major firm and led massive projects around the world, including an office headquarters complex in China and a 60-storey residential tower adjacent to the Burj Khalifa site in Dubai. While he enjoyed the collaboration and the challenge of these large-scale projects, he longed for something different. “I missed designing for communities,” he says. “I missed those smaller buildings that everyone can enjoy.”

So Parente changed his path. He returned to teaching and he opened a practice that gave him the freedom to collaborate on creative projects of all scales that engage entire neighbourhoods. He also returned to DAS, only this time as a professor. “This program taught me how to be rigorous and curious; and it made me a well-rounded architect,” he says. “I’m excited to help my own students develop those skills, too.”

Carlo Parente

“Architecture is a framework for people to transform; it has a life of its own.”

  • Co-President, Chicago Architectural Club
  • Carlo Parente Architect