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Organizations are invited to submit their industry challenges in the form of one or more questions and provide background information related to their question.

One question submitted (or up to five) becomes the entrance ticket for an organization to attend, free of charge.

Questions are gathered and presented to researchers. The researchers decide which questions they would like to take part in discussing. Each question or challenge submitted by an organization is tackled by a group of academics across university disciplines, with the aim of finding a pathway to a solution.

The AIMday event organizer oversees the logistics and develops the day’s schedule, ensuring multidisciplinary expertise in each discussion group. For a question to be workshopped, a minimum number of researchers must be identified for the discussion. 

Each question is discussed for one hour − no more, no less. The size of each workshop group is generally seven to 12 people. There is the option to participate in more than one workshop.

Approximately a month after the AIMday event, organizers will follow up and offer organizations with assistance to get projects or other forms of collaborations started.