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AIMday one question, one hour, endless possibilities.

Toronto Metropolitan University is AIMday’s official Canadian hub

Academic Industry Meeting day, or AIMday, is a unique, highly effective program for university-based researchers and organizations to connect and bring world-class research to life. By matching organizations’ need for new knowledge with academic expertise, AIMday furthers understanding and enables new perspectives on real-world problems.

The AIMday program centres on small group discussions where a question raised by an organization is examined during a one-hour workshop with researchers and experts from several different disciplines. AIMday has proven successful in helping organizations find valuable contacts and collaborations and initiating paths to developing solutions.


Established in 2008 at Uppsala University, Sweden, AIMday has been implemented and refined by 20+ universities in seven countries, including the U.K. (Newcastle University, Queen’s University Belfast, University of Cambridge, University of Edinburgh, University of Oxford), Brazil (Federal University of Pernambuco, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, University of São Paulo), Sweden (Umeå University) and Canada (Toronto Metropolitan University, University of Saskatchewan).

AIMday in Canada

In January 2021, Toronto Metropolitan University and Uppsala University entered into a partnership to allow Toronto Metropolitan University to build the AIMday program in Canada by becoming its official Canadian hub. As the Canadian AIMday hub, Toronto Metropolitan University will work with other Canadian universities to help them develop their own AIMday programs and provide access to global best practices for developing collaborations with organizations and developing the capacity of organizations to exploit these collaborations.

Upcoming Events

AIMday™ Aerospace Sustainability

Date: November 30, 2023
Location: Virtual
Cost: Free for all participants

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AIMday™ is a trademark of Uppsala University used under licence.