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Strategic Research Plan

The  (PDF file) 2020-2025 Strategic Research Plan (opens in new window)  articulates the Toronto Metropolitan University’s key themes that represent our strategic strengths and reflect the diverse scholarly, research and creative activity (SRC) that is taking place across the institution. The six strategic themes outlined below highlight where the university is driving SRC intensity, impact, and excellence and the ways in which our SRC community addresses complex problems that demand bold and creative solutions.

Research Themes

Urban Innovation

With our collective future tied to climate change and the fate of cities, the health of our urban environments relies on innovative solutions to complex and often interlinked social, economic, political, environmental, cultural, and technological challenges.

Justice, Equity & Society

Increasingly, democratic states and institutions are facing a combination of external and internal challenges. These challenges and their intersections are taken on by our faculty.

Culture & Creativity

Art and creative expression expand the ways we think about the world and our place in it, enrich our lives, and help us arrive at creative solutions to real-world problems.

Work, Skills, Industry

Toronto Metropolitan University is ideally positioned to take the lead in investigating and developing tools and strategies that will advance inclusive, ethical, and sustainable economic growth and productive employment.

Health & Well-Being

Toronto Metropolitan University approaches health and well-being research with a focus on quality of life and promoting well-being for all. Our SRC leaders are innovators in the fields of biotechnology and robotics, and in the use of intelligent systems in disease recognition and treatment.  

Technology & Intelligent Systems

Working with industrial partners, Toronto Metropolitan University is creating a strong technological and industrial ecosystem through our research in engineering, design, management, and production.