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Urban Innovation

Global populations are increasingly mobile and concentrated in urban centres. With our collective future tied to climate change and the fate of cities, the health of our urban environments relies on innovative solutions to complex and often interlinked social, economic, political, environmental, cultural, and technological challenges.

Canada’s cities are growing, with roughly 80% of Canadians living in urban areas and with the vast majority of the almost 300,000 people who migrate to Canada each year settling in cities and suburbs across the country. Newcomers are vital to Canada’s diversifying cultural, social, and economic landscapes and its expanding workforce.

Our research is devoted to defining issues of urban innovation, including the physical, technological, and societal aspects of urban growth and change. Toronto Metropolitan University researchers are actively seeking partnerships and new ways to ensure that cities are safe, resilient, and sustainable.

Our current expertise covers a range of topics, including sustainable housing, renewable energy, the future of land use, water policy, food security, smart infrastructure, migration, settlement, responsible development, and urban design.

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