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Research Ethics

University research is governed by policies and practices that ensure the protection of research participants, researchers (faculty, students and staff members), the university and the public. These policies and practices cover research involving humans, the use of animals, controlled goods and hazardous materials, among others.

Please note that research may not begin before all university approvals/certifications, institutional requirements or governmental authorizations are obtained.

Individual researchers, in addition to being governed by internal policies and procedures, may be governed by external ethical guidelines imposed by professional associations such as the Canadian Psychological Association or the Canadian College of Physicians and Surgeons, as well as the guidelines of Canadian and other regulatory agencies, such as the Health Protection Branch of Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

All funded or unfunded research involving humans, animals or controlled goods undertaken at Toronto Metropolitan University facilities and conducted by Toronto Metropolitan University faculty, students and staff is subject to review and approval.

Due to the ongoing circumstances related to COVID-19, both the REB open office hours and biweekly office hours are currently suspended until further notice. However, the REB is still available virtually to answer any questions you may have regarding your research as it relates to research ethics.

REB Open Office Hours

Every Thursday - 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Due to the pandemic, the REB will now be hosting virtual office hours via Zoom. To attend, please click on the following link: 

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Meeting ID: 949 1974 0301 

Please drop in if you have any questions. No appointment necessary.


Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation 
1 Dundas Street West, 11th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1Z3

Asher Alkoby, LL.B., LL.M., S.J.D.
Chair, Toronto Metropolitan University Research Ethics Board
416-979-5000 ext. 552491

Todd Girard, PhD
Vice-Chair, Toronto Metropolitan University Research Ethics Board
416-979-5000 ext. 552646

Zakiya Atcha, MSW
Research Ethics Manager
(Ethics, Animal Care, Controlled Goods, Undergraduate Ethics)
416-979-5000 ext. 554841

Farid Pesteh, BA
Research Ethics Administrator
416-979-5000 ext. 552963

E. Nilushi de Silva, BASc
Research Ethics Administrator
(Ethics, Undergraduate Ethics)


To access the online ethics submission and review system, log into your my.ryerson account and go to the "Research" box.

Research Ethics Board

The Research Ethics Board (REB) approves, rejects, proposes modifications to, or terminates any proposed or ongoing research involving humans that is conducted by faculty, staff or undergraduate students of the university, so as to protect research subjects and ensure that research is conducted in an ethical manner. No research on humans shall be undertaken without the prior approval of the REB.

The REB shall:

  • Interpret and apply the Tri-Council Policy Statement and relevant legislation.
  • Establish guidelines and procedures consistent with the Tri-Council Policy Statement and relevant legislation.
  • Facilitate research by consulting with and assisting researchers.


Name Faculty/Expertise
Asher Alkoby, LL.B., LL.M., S.J.D. Ted Rogers School of Business Management (Law & Business)


Name Faculty/Expertise
Todd Girard
Arts (Psychology)

Ex-Officio Members (non-voting)

Name Faculty/Expertise
Zakiya Atcha REB Manager
E. Nilushi De Silva REB Administrator
Farid Pesteh REB Administrator 
Mina Alam Research Ethics Intern
Nazdona Ayon Research Ethics Intern
Dinez Clarke
REB Administrator

Faculty and Staff Representatives

Name Faculty/Department
Sean Bellaviti Arts (Philosophy)
Paolo Ammirante Arts (Psychology)
David Day Arts (Psychology)
Alexandra Fiocco Arts (Psychology)
Tisha Ornstein Arts (Psychology)
Damien Lee Arts (Sociology/Indigenous)
Megan Scribe Arts (Sociology/Indigenous)
Yukari Seko
The Creative School (Communication & Culture)
Lorena Escandon The Creative School (Creative Industries)
Aurelia DiSanto Community Services (Early Childhood Studies)
Purnima George
Community Services (Social Work)
Henry Parada
Community Services (Social Work)
Susan Preston Community Services (Social Work)
Richard Meldrum Community Services (Occupational Health & Safety)
Esther Ignani Community Services (Disability Studies)
Sumit Bhatia Cybersecurity Catalyst (Staff)
Restiani Andriati Digital Media Projects/CCS (Staff)
Jeff Yokota Engineering and Architectural Science (Aerospace Engineering)
Karthi Umapathy Engineering and Architectural Science (Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering)
Naomi Eichenlaub Library
Chris Macdonald Ted Rogers School of Management (Law and Business/Ethics)
Michael Baumtrog Ted Rogers School of Management (Business Management)
Zahava Rosenberg-Yunger Ted Rogers School of Management (Health Services Management)
Daniele Bertolini Ted Rogers School of Management (Law and Business/Legal)
Nagina Parmar Science (Biomedical Science)
Costin Antonescu Science (Chemistry & Biology)
Miranda Kirby Science (Physics)


Name Faculty/Expertise
Bryanna Hines Graduate Student (Early Childhood Studies)
Maya Atlas Graduate Student (Psychology)
Parky Lau Graduate Student (Psychology)
Bailee Malivoire Graduate Student (Psychology)
Leen Nasser Graduate Student (Psychology)
Emma Rempel Graduate Student (Psychology)
Aledia Hayes Graduate Student (Philosophy)
Tim Mt. Pleasant Undergraduate Student (Philosophy/Indigenous)

Community Members

Name Expertise
Andrew Willis Business Management
Faith Donald
Allyson Aritcheta Psychology
Ricky Rodrigues Social Work/Sociology

Ad Hoc / Advisors

Name Faculty/Expertise
Lynn LavallĂ©e (Indigenous Resurgence) Past Chair 
Nancy Walton (Nursing) Past Chair
Patrizia Albanese Arts (Sociology) Past Chair

Note: There is currently a vacancy in the Faculty/Expertise role within FCAD.