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Research Information System (RIS)

Toronto Metropolitan University has an online application for the submission of research proposals called the Research Information System (RIS). All submissions must go through RIS.

RIS is a system for recording and obtaining approvals for research proposals. RIS also helps you track your funded proposals and other research-related agreements. RIS will allow you to:

  1. Get electronic approvals for your research proposals from your Chair and Dean.
  2. Send your proposal to OVPRI for review and comment prior to submission.
  3. Check on the status of your proposal.
  4. Store your proposals for future reference.
  5. Understand the terms and conditions associated with funded proposals.

RIS keeps an electronic record of your research funding activity, including past submissions and funded proposals. After you have uploaded content to RIS, you may save and log out to complete the submission at a later date, or return at any time to review the status of a submission.

When you have filled out a "Grant Authorization Form" (GAF) and uploaded your proposal, the "Submit for Review" button sends your application directly to a grant officer for review and comment. The officer can then send comments back, which you may incorporate into your application.

All applications for funding must be approved by the university prior to submission. RIS allows researchers to obtain this approval electronically. The "Submit for Approval" button sends your application through the approval hierarchy: first to your Chair, then to your Dean, then to the OVPRI for university endorsement. Chairs and Deans will be notified by email that an application is awaiting their approval.

Note: To log in to RIS you will need to be connected to TMU-VPN and will require Two-Factor Authentication. See the links below for more information. If you require further assistance with regard to TMU-VPN or Two-Factor Authentication, please contact the CCS Help Line at ext. 556806 or email