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SRC Integrity eLearning

You may also access and complete a (PDF file)  PDF version of the Research Integrity Modules if you prefer. To follow the modules in their intended full-screen format, please download the PDF and open with a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.

The SRC Integrity eLearning module and reference guide found on this page set out to inform Toronto Metropolitan University’s SRC community of best practices in research and to prompt reflection on the topic of SRC integrity.

Comprised of four modules, each one details how SRC Integrity operates within each stage of the research process:

  • Study formulation and research design
  • Research conduct and analysis
  • Research dissemination and publishing
  • Financial reporting and grant management

The eLearning module includes a case study, reflection questions and a quiz in each section to prompt further learning on the topic. Once you have completed all four modules you will receive a certificate of completion.

The reference guide is a companion piece to the eLearning modules and a resource for further SRC integrity work.

Learning outcomes

  • Recall the values of SRC integrity
  • Understand the key responsibilities of researchers
  • Identify and reflect on the challenges of SRC integrity
  • Apply strategies for dealing with issues of SRC integrity



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