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Inclusive Learning

Programs and Services

Inclusive Learning offers learning strategy (LS) and assistive technology (AT) support.

As an AAS student, you can access learning strategy and assistive technology support through individual appointments and in group settings.

Read on below to learn about what to expect and to meet the AAS LS/AT team!

 What can I expect from Inclusive Learning support?

  • Exploring different learning strategies and assistive technology tools to develop an approach to your studies that works for you
  • Discussing topics like: procrastination, motivation, time management, reading, writing essays, studying for and writing tests, setting academic goals, and much more….

 What are Learning Strategies?


Learning strategies are skills that students can reflect on and use to support their learning, organization, and completion of academic goals.

As a student, finding learning strategies that work for you can help to deepen your learning experience.

Examples of learning strategies can include anything from time management and note taking techniques to remembering to always keep snacks nearby while studying! 

 What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology (AT) is any technology used by students’ with disabilities to support access, learning and participation in their studies. Assistive technology can include tools, equipment, and/or software ranging from a ruler to screen-reading software.

While AT can be helpful for all students in their learning, for some students AT is essential, and designed specifically for people with disabilities to more fully access and participate in their studies. 

Every student has a different experience of using AT resources. We ask that you keep an open mind as we work collaboratively to try different tools and strategies to find what AT might work for you.

As some AT has a cost, we can explore funding options  (external link) that may be available to you, if needed.

 Interested in 1:1 Support?

Book an LS/AT Appointment!

Individual LS/AT appointments are available both in person on campus and virtually via Google Meet.

  • Looking for AT support? Book early in the semester to get set up. 
  • Looking for LS support? Book after the 3rd week of class, by which point you'll know what your specific learning needs will be this semester based on coursework.

Don't see a time that works for you? Check back soon as more appointments will be added regularly.

 Interested in Group Settings?

Check out STRIVE!

STRIVE sessions explore different topics related to learning strategies and assistive technology in a collaborative group setting.

  • Check out STRIVE How-To... a 12-part virtual series guiding students with disabilities through key aspects of the learning experience.
  • Drop-in to Study with STRIVE for a quiet place on campus to study along other AAS Students.
  • Visit the STRIVE D2L for disability-specific learning modules.

Get to know the LS/AT Team!


(offers LS/AT appointments)

A TMU alum herself, Claire (she/her) has a lot of insight into the programs and services available (and the best spots on campus to grab a coffee!) Claire is an MEd student in Social Justice Education at OISIE. Her student-focused approach aims to bring a disability studies lens into her work with AAS. She is committed to continue upholding spaces of connection and belonging for students with disabilities.


(offers LS/AT appointments)

Dana (she/her) is a Speech Language Pathologist, assistive technology nerd and learning strategies enthusiast who has been working with students with diverse learning needs for over 25 years. Dana is passionate about helping students find the appropriate tools and strategies to make their school experience more accessible. In her spare time, Dana loves to hang out with her three rescue dogs (who are often by her feet during her virtual sessions).


(offers AT appointments)

Lauren (she/her) is a Speech Language Pathologist with a love for all things learning, literacy and lunch! Her goal as an Inclusive Learning team member is to help students navigate the possibilities of assistive technology and learn how these tools can be confidently used to support their dynamic learning. If you would like a greater focus on AT, book with Lauren!


(offers LS/AT appointments)

Suzanne (she/her) is an occupational therapist and is interested in how assistive technology can help reduce barriers in the places and spaces, both virtual and IRL, students interact with. She often uses a sensory processing lens when co-creating plans with students (you might hear her talk about the vestibular system!).


On-Campus Assistive Technology Resources