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Accommodated Test Centre (ATC)

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Questions about the Accommodated Test Centre (ATC)?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below!

Booking Accommodated Tests

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Yes - in order to guarantee your accommodations, you are required to book your tests/exams. 

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to book accommodated tests/exams

If you missed the deadline to book your test or exam due to exceptional or extenuating circumstances you can submit an Exceptional Booking Request. Exceptional bookings are not guaranteed.

For quizzes, tests, & midterms: Requests must be submitted 2 or more weekdays* before your scheduled test. The Accommodated Test Centre will only consider the following requests:

  • Monday Test: Requested by Wednesday at 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday Test: Requested by Thursday at 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday Test: Requested by Sunday at 7:00 PM
  • Thursday Test: Requested by Monday at 7:00 PM
  • Friday Test: Requested by Tuesday at 7:00 PM
  • Saturday Test: Requested by Wednesday at 7:00 PM
  • Sunday Test: Requested by Wednesday at 7:00 PM

For final exams: Exceptional Booking Requests for final exams will only be considered for 5 weekdays after the final exam booking deadline.

*weekdays are Monday-Friday, not including holidays and university closures.

If your test is less than two weekdays* away or you missed the final exam exceptional request deadline, you will not be able to submit an Exceptional Booking Request. Your current options include: 

  • Write your test without accommodations
  • Speak to your department about potential alternate arrangements that may be available to you. Acceptable alternate arrangements may include filing an Academic Consideration Request (ACR) for deferred exams, or requesting an Incomplete Grade (INC). Please be aware that alternate arrangements are not academic accommodations and are at the discretion of each instructor.

*weekdays are Monday-Friday, not including holidays and university closures.

First, ensure that you have submitted your accommodation plan to your instructors. You won’t be able to book your accommodated tests until you release your accommodation plan. 

If you still can’t book your exam, email

If you make a mistake with your test booking, please email us at at least 2 weekdays before your test, and we can adjust the booking.

If there is a change to your booked test, please email us at at least 2 weekdays before your test, and we can adjust the booking.

Yes, accommodated make-up tests are booked through the AAS Student Portal.

If you have an all-day or flexible time frame to write your exam (i.e., you have a full day or can choose to write anytime over multiple days), indicate the exact class start time and class writing duration. 

You do not need to actually write the exam on that date - you will be able to access it throughout the entire time period appropriate to your course and accommodations.

If there is a scheduling conflict between your accommodated tests, work with your instructors to agree on a new date/time ASAP. Email your instructors detailing the issue and discuss options for new writing dates/times. 

Once you have confirmed the new writing time with your instructor, book your test on the AAS Student Portal. 

Don’t have the instructor’s approval but it’s getting close to the test booking deadline? Book your test for the originally scheduled time. If the instructor provides permission after the deadline, The Accommodated Test Centre will try to reschedule your test booking.

For undergraduate, graduate, and law courses, you can find your exam schedule in MyServiceHub. From the Student Home Page in MyServiceHub, select “manage classes” and “view my exam schedule.”

Please note that the location listed in the schedule does not apply to students writing exams with accommodations. You will receive information about the specific location of your exam after you book your exam through the AAS Student Portal. 

For all-day or flexible time frame exams, the schedule only lists exams that start at a specific time. If you have an exam that runs longer than three hours, or is completed in a longer, more flexible time frame it won’t show the full length on your calendar. Check with your department for more information.

For Chang School courses, exams are not shown on MyServiceHub - check your course outline for details.

As always, check your course outline, D2L course shell or with your instructor for details about the exam format.

Writing Accommodated Tests

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Once booked you will immediately receive an automated confirmation email from the Accommodated Test Centre. 

Your professor will also receive an automatic confirmation email with instructions on how to provide the Accommodated Test Centre with the test information.

You will receive another automated email 2 days before your test with information about your test, where to go, and important reminders.

Once you book your exam through the AAS Student Portal, you can see your scheduled tests/exams by clicking on ‘My Schedule’.

Please note, your room location will indicate ‘TBD’. This will be updated to your scheduled location 2 days before your test.

For information about what to expect when visiting the Test Centre, visit the Writing Your Test webpage.

Accommodations for extra time and breaks apply to evaluations with a finite amount of time (i.e., a 2 hour exam). 

If it is a take home exam that is available to open and close/revisit over an extended timeframe, extra time/break accommodations are not applied as the additional time to work on the exam has already been built in.

Visit the Test Centre contact page for details.