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Welcome to the faculty and contract lecturer area of Academic Accommodation Support (AAS) at TMU.

TMU is committed to full inclusion and participation of students with disabilities.

We all play a part in reducing barriers to access in higher education and faculty can make the biggest impact. 

This includes addressing known barriers identified by the Ontario Human Rights Code, AODA, and WHO: attitudinal, instructional design.

We’re so glad you’re here. Find out about how AAS works with you to foster an inclusive and supportive teaching environment that accommodates the diverse needs of all students:

Referral Guide

Unsure how to assist a student in need of accommodations?

Our referral guide provides clear steps and protocols to seamlessly connect students with the necessary support services within AAS, ensuring they receive timely and effective assistance.

Accommodated Test Guide

Help to facilitate equitable assessments with our comprehensive support for accommodated testing.

This section outlines the necessary steps to effectively set up, submit, and manage both online and in-person tests that meet the specific needs of students requiring accommodations.

Professional Development

Enhance your teaching methods with our specialized workshops, training sessions, and one-on-one consultations.

We equip you with the tools and knowledge to effectively support students requiring accommodations, ensuring you can meet the unique challenges within your classroom.

Inclusive Teaching Resources

Access a wealth of resources aimed at inclusive teaching practices.

From detailed interactive online training to practical guides and tools, these resources help you create a learning environment that is welcoming and accessible to all students.

Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions?

Our FAQ section offers quick answers to common queries about student accommodations, faculty responsibilities, and available AAS resources.

Accommodation Guide

Looking for answers about how accommodation plans are created or about specific accommodations?

Check out the AAS Accommodation Guide, designed for both faculty and students, for comprehensive information on accommodations.