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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Academic Accommodation Support?

Click on the tabs below for information about registration, programs and services, accommodations and more!

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Am I in the right place?

Not sure if you should be seeking academic accommodations or academic considerations? 

Did you know that these are defined by separate university policies?

To learn which is the better option for your situation check out our Acommodation vs. Consideration webpage. 

Incoming Students

You can begin the registration process as soon as your TMU identity (including your university email) is activated, generally one month prior to the first day of classes. For more information, visit Student Accounts.

We encourage you to start the process as soon as possible, after you have your university email address. 

Sign up for our SHIFT program: our free summer program offering everything you need for a smooth transition to university.

This 5-part summer transition program provides the tools and skills for students with disabilities to succeed in both online and in-person classes. Learn about the accommodation process, hear from current students, and practice strategies for success.

Every summer, we run parent seminars as part of our SHIFT program. The SHIFT program is designed to support students with disabilities in their transition to university. Parent sessions review university-wide supports, discuss the differences between high school and post-secondary education, and explore your role in supporting your student to make a smooth transition to Ryerson. 

Registration is available in June and seminars run in July and August. 


Registering with AAS is a 3 step process:

  1. Complete the appropriate AAS Intake Form, including submitting documentation
  2. View the short AAS Orientation Video
  3. Monitor your inbox for an email from AAS regarding next steps 

Different disabilities require different documentation for registration. While an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) can be submitted as part of your supplemental materials, it is not appropriate documentation for registration with AAS.

To identify what documentation is needed for your specific disability, use our interactive documentation tool.

If you are unable to access the Intake Form and receive a message saying "You Need Permission", this means you are not signed in using your university email address

If you are a new TMU student, you may begin the registration process once your TMU identity (including email address) is activated. You may return to the form once you receive your university email address. 

Have a university email address and still having trouble?

Be sure to log out of all other email accounts by following the steps below:

To Log Out:

  1. Go to (external link) .
  2. In the top right, click your photo. If you don’t see a photo, you might see the Account image  
  3. Click Sign out.

To Log In:

  1. Type in your university email address.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Type your password.
  4. Click Next.

After you sign in, try the link to the form again.

Both the Express Registration Option (ERO) and Traditional Registration Option (TRO) will register you with AAS and provide you with an accommodation plan.

ERO offers students a remote and expedited way for AAS to develop and approve an academic accommodation plan. This option is best suited for students who do not require a registration appointment, and will only meet with their Student Accommodation Facilitator by request. 

TRO is best suited for students who would like to attend a virtual registration appointment with a Student Accommodation Facilitator to ask questions and discuss any concerns in more detail. This option offers the opportunity for a more in-depth conversation about disabilities and academics, but wait times for registration appointments may be approximately two (2) weeks in high volume times. 

Chose ERO or TRO and want to switch?

If you change your mind and would like a different form of registration, email for assistance.

Our registration appointments fill up quickly, especially at the start of each semester. Check the booking system once per day, as we upload new appointments as soon as availability allows.

If you require accommodations before there is an available appointment due to a course evaluation, email to discuss your options.

Absolutely not: your registration with our office is confidential and will not be indicated on your transcript. We do not disclose any information to other schools, employers, or professional associations. 

We keep all of your documentation, including medical information, on a secure platform. We do not share any details about your registration with our office, or your accommodations, without your consent.

The AAS registration period generally ends just before final exams each semester. If you have missed the registration deadline, we suggest proactively assembling your documentation so you are ready to register once we begin the next term. 

If you are struggling in your courses due to disability, medical, personal or other impacts, the university has a variety of options available. Connect with your Academic Advisor to explore the appropriate possibilities for your situation, including eligibility for Academic Consideration.

Managing Accommodations

An accommodation “letter” is simply the version of your accommodation “plan” that you send to your instructors to let them know about your needs. It includes all the accommodations you require for that course, but no medical information or your disability diagnosis. 

You “activate accommodations” each semester by using the AAS Student Portal to send your letters to your instructors. That’s it!

Questions about sending your accommodation plan?

Our Peer Advisor Support program is for students who would like to chat with a peer to learn about activating and managing accommodations.

We can help!

Check out our Managing Accommodations page for more information about using your accommodations.

Still have questions?

Our Peer Advisor Support program is for students who would like to chat with a peer to learn about activating and managing accommodations.

The name and contact information of your Student Accommodation Facilitator is listed on your accommodation plan.

Visit the AAS Student Portal to review and download your accommodation plan. 


Email us at

You need to send your accommodation plans to your instructors every semester that you are enrolled in courses. Visit the AAS Student Portal to send your accommodation plan.

Questions about sending your accommodation plan?

Our Peer Advisor Support program is for students who would like to chat with a peer to learn about activating and managing accommodations.

To book an accommodated test/exam, visit the AAS Student Portal and click "Book a Test".

Pay specific attention to the booking deadlines every semester. Visit the Test Centre for current dates.

Questions about booking tests/exams?

Our Peer Advisor Support program is for students who would like to chat with a peer to learn about activating and managing accommodations.

Email your Student Accommodation Facilitator.

Not sure who your Student Accommodation Facilitator is? Email

Email your Student Accommodation Facilitator to let them know the situation. Alternatively, you can simply copy them on the emails to your instructor. Visit Contact to find your Facilitator’s email address.

Not sure who your Student Accommodation Facilitator is? Email

If you missed the deadline to book your test or exam you can submit an Exceptional Booking Request.

For quizzes, tests, & midterms: requests will only be considered if the form is submitted two or more weekdays before your scheduled test or quiz.

For final exams: requests will only be considered for 5 days after the final exam booking deadline.

Exceptional bookings are not guaranteed 

Programs and Services

For support with peer note taking, email

Our learning strategy and assistive technology appointments fill up quickly, especially around midterms and exams. We advise students to book any available appointment, even if it is a few weeks away. 

In the meantime, attend STRIVE, our weekly drop-in program for learning strategy and assistive technology support.

Financial Support

In order to be eligible for government financial support programs for students with disabilities, you must prove that you qualify for OSAP. You do not need to accept the loan portion of your OSAP funding in order to receive BSWD approval. You can decline the loan portion of OSAP by selecting the “grant only” option on your OSAP account once your OSAP eligibility has been determined.

Meet with your Student Accommodation Facilitator as early as possible to get your BSWD paperwork in order for the start of term. It takes approximately 4 weeks to process your application after AAS has verified its completion and accuracy. Peak periods may result in short delays in assessing your application. 

Once your BSWD application has been submitted to the Student Financial Assistance office, they will contact you using your Ryerson email to advise you if the funding has been approved. They will also provide further information about funding details and limits, how to access the bursary funds, and major dates/deadlines.

If you receive a different amount than you expected, contact the Student Financial Assistance Advisor listed in the email you received from their office.

You cannot keep the funds if you do not provide receipts as proof of purchase for the equipment/services approved on your bursary application. For specific consequences related to your situation, contact Student Financial Assistance.