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Test Centre Support in Accommodated Online Tests

Students requesting to write their quizzes, tests, and exams using their accommodations should still be instructed to book their accommodated test using the AAS Student Portal.

Once the student makes the request in the portal, faculty/instructors will be contacted with more information, including accommodation details and optional Test Centre support. 

Procedure for The Test Centre to Support Accommodated Tests in D2L

  1. Student submits the test request through the AAS Student Portal.

  2. Faculty/instructor receives an email confirmation of the booking, with details of the student’s accommodations and how to access Test Centre support.

  3. Faculty/instructor confirms the test booking in the AAS Faculty Portal, indicating that they would like Test Centre support with setting up the test through D2L.

  4. Faculty/instructor adds the Test Centre Administrators to your course shell in the TA role (username(s) included in booking confirmation email)

    a. The users must be added 3 days prior to the test date; if access is not granted 72 hours prior to the test, the instructor will be responsible for setting up the special access parameters.

  5. The Test Centre sends an email to the faculty or instructor confirming the accommodated test setup has been completed. You can then remove access from the Test Centre. 

    Faculty/instructors can choose not to remove the Test Centre from the course shell, so that we do not need to be re-added to set the parameters for subsequent quiz/test.

Adding Test Centre Administrators to your Course

To add the Test Centre Administrator(s) to your course:

Use the Manage Shell Members feature of the self-serve Manage D2L Courses and Organizations tool, found in the portal. 

The Test Centre can only enable the special access settings from a TA role. The Test Centre user will be a professional Test Centre staff member. Upholding the Test Centre values of integrity and service, the Test Centre will only enter the aspects of the course shell required to set up special access. We respect the privacy of faculty and instructor course materials and approach the online environment with the same confidentiality and security as in-person testing.