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Faculty steps for test accommodations

In order to receive test accommodations, students must send their academic accommodation plan and book their accommodated tests using the AAS Student Portal.

Once a student books their test, you will receive an automated email outlining the booking request and important next steps. 

The ATC schedules and administers in-person tests, and can support you with setting up accommodated virtual tests on D2L if you opt-in. 

In-Person Tests & Exams

Setting up in-person test accommodations

In-person accommodated tests and exams are scheduled and administered through the ATC. 

After a student submits a test booking request, you will receive an automated email prompting you to review the request on the AAS Faculty Portal.

  1. Log-in to the AAS Faculty Portal to review and confirm the booking request and set the test parameters (eg. start time, length/duration, delivery instructions, etc.).
  2. Provide the ATC with a copy of the test and Akindi Sheet* (if necessary) at least 48 hours before the scheduled test date. You may:
    1. Upload a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx) or accessible PDF through the AAS Faculty Portal. Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer are the recommended browsers to upload and view your tests.
    2. Drop off a paper copy of the test to the ATC (VIC B15, Lower Level, Victoria Building 285 Victoria Street) during administrative office hours
  3. The ATC will returned completed tests according to the instructions you provide.

Please note: A delay in receiving a copy of the test may prevent a student from writing their accommodated test.

The ATC is mandated by the Ontario Human Rights Code (external link)  and TMU Senate Policy 159 to legally provide accommodations for students registered with AAS.

If the ATC is unable to administer the test, the student must reschedule the test date or pursue a grade appeal. 

*If you have multiple students who require an Akindi Sheet please upload one file with all Akindis included.

Remote Tests & Exams

Setting up remote test accommodations

Remote accommodated tests and exams are set up by you or you can opt-in to ATC Special Access Support. 

After a student submits a test booking request, you will receive an automated email prompting you to review the request on the AAS Faculty Portal.

Not using ATC Special Access Support?

You can elect to set up remote test accommodations without ATC support by following the university's step-by-step guide on how to manage special access.

If you are providing test accommodations without ATC support, be sure to to email the student prior to the test to notify them that their accommodations have been set up.

How to opt-in to ATC Special Access Support

Log in to the AAS Faculty Portal, and select 'Courses'. You can select to opt-in for ATC Special Access Support.

In order for the ATC to support you, you must add the following ATC staff to your course shell in the TA role* at least 3 days prior to the test date.

  1. Angela Price (angela.price)
  2. James Daykin (jdaykin)
  3. Monique Bijoux (mbijoux)
  4. Vanessa LeBlond (vanessa.leblond)

Not sure how to add the ATC to your course shell? Visit the TMU Manage Shell Members webpage. 

You will receive an email once the ATC Special Access Support is complete.


*The ATC administrators are professional staff members. Upholding the ATC values of integrity and service, administrators only enter the aspects of the course shell required to set up special access. We respect the privacy of faculty and instructor course materials and approach the online environment with the same confidentiality and security as in-person testing.

Scheduling Conflicts

If there is a scheduling conflict between multiple accommodated tests, students are advised to work with their instructors to agree on a new date/time ASAP. It is the student's responsibility to email their instructors detailing the issue and discuss options for new writing dates/times.